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Three Things To Do When Visiting Canberra – Australia’s Bush Capital

Posted By ivanpw 63 days ago on Travel - If you're planning to on a solo trip to the beautiful city of Canberra, Australia, here are some tips to make your time well-spent.The post Three Things To Do When Visiting Canberra – Australia’s Bush Capital appeared first on UPTOURIST.

Resources Every Solo Traveler Needs

Posted By coveredtraveler 17 days ago on Travel - Traveling solo is not for everyone but there are some benefits according to those who do. Some describe it as an almost religious experience. Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or on a roadtrip across the United States there is something to be said about experiencing new things by yourself. Read on to learn about some resources to prep you on your next solo travel trip.

Longing for New York

Posted By glutenfreedestinations 16 days ago on Travel - Jerry Seinfeld and James Altucher have been trading blows in the media this week. At issue: whether New York is dead. In short, Altucher wrote an article claiming New York is “over.” Seinfeld called him a putz on LinkedIn. Altucher retorted that Seinfeld is mean. Considering their respective net worths of $50 million and $950 … Continue reading Longing for New York
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4 Secret Vacation Spots You Didn't Know About

Posted By coveredtraveler 42 days ago on Travel - So, you’re trying to plan your next trip, but you don’t know where to go, huh? Maybe you’ve already seen London, Paris, and Rome. Or perhaps you’re looking for a place where you can be more than 6 feet away from others and still experience the personality of a new location up close. Whatever you’re looking for, there are an endless amount of undiscovered locations just outside of all the most famous ones, and they’re all cheaper, have less tourists, and are just as beautiful as their more popular counterparts. Let’s dive into just a few; I dare you not to book your next flight by the end of this article. 

Cambodia’s Seasons Explained: Choosing the Best Time to Go

Posted By ivanpw 88 days ago on Travel - When is the best time of year to visit Cambodia? Discover what the weather’s like in Cambodia in the wet and dry seasons to help you decide when to go.The post Cambodia’s Seasons Explained: Choosing the Best Time to Go appeared first on UPTOURIST.

Vacationing in Luxury on the Gulf Coast

Posted By lovelivegreen 293 days ago on Travel - Sean, Jackson, Lucy, and I recently visited Panama City Beach, Florida. My favorite time to visit the beach is during the winter. Many pools are heated, and the waters are calm and serene. On our visit, the ocean was actually warmer than the outside temperature, and it felt so wonderful dipping our feet into the warm waters of the gulf.
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In the Village

Posted By glutenfreedestinations 33 days ago on Travel - In Dobbs Ferry, New York, this is the view from my window each morning. And on many occasions, this is the view at twilight. I moved here in June after 25 years of living in New York City. And it’s been three blissful months of slowly uncovering the hamlet’s delights, one by one. The small … Continue reading In the Village
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Resources for Traveling While Jewish

Posted By coveredtraveler 6 days ago on Travel - From blogs, to travel resources, to apps - there are a lot of resources for Jewish travelers on the web. Read more to find out the best way to prepare yourself for an upcoming trip if you are Jewish!

Travel Tips – Part #1: Planning Your Trip Team Hazard Style

Posted By TeamHazardRides 580 days ago on Travel - Depending on the type of person you are, you may love or hate making travel plans. Whether you’re a budget or luxury traveler, this comprehensive travel planning guide walks you through the…The post Travel Tips – Part #1: Planning Your Trip Team Hazard Style appeared first on Team Hazard Rides Again.