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Speed Comparison of 100+ WordPress Themes – Not all Themes are Built the Same!

Posted By gordan 412 days ago on WP Themes - Site speed is important. It always was and always will be. More and more site owners have become aware of this after Google stated on several occasions that speed does affect search-engine rankings.

But not all themes for WordPress are the same. Check out this detailed comparison and find the best themes you can use.

10 Best Free WordPress Themes Released in April 2015

Posted By erikemanuelli 1638 days ago on WP Themes - If you want to see what the newest creations look like, take a glance at these best free WordPress themes released in April 2015.
There is some good stuff around here and you shouldn’t miss any of it.

My Personal List of Best WordPress Plugins for 2017

Posted By snakeair 905 days ago on WP Themes - Blogging for so many years, I have installed and tested hundreds of plugins. As much as I would love to have 50 installed on my blog at once, I know that’s not a good idea as that could affect performance. Plugins are in fact, very important to a blog’s success; but you have to pick what is best for the blog and your viewership.

10+ Best WordPress Magazine Themes 2015

Posted By erikemanuelli 1553 days ago on WP Themes - Magazine WordPress themes are a particular kind. On one hand, they need to be able to showcase a larger amount of content on a single screen, but on the other, they also need to make the content look attractive and enticing enough to generate a click.

All this makes selecting a quality magazine theme much harder than it seems at first. So to help you out, we’ve prepared a list of the top WordPress magazine themes on the market today.

LifeStyle Pro – StudioPress Sites Theme

Posted By snakeair 926 days ago on WP Themes - The LifeStyle Pro theme is a minimal eCommerce theme built for any niche. This is a shop theme, but you can disable that section if you’d just like to blog. This theme is just perfect for bloggers who just want to write without an overwhelming layout or complicated features. Content is important with this theme and I suggest you add an Autoresponder Box to help collect emails.

Executive Pro – StudioPress Sites Theme

Posted By snakeair 917 days ago on WP Themes - The Executive Pro theme is a StudioPress Sites theme created for the eCommerce industry. This theme is a very old StudioPress theme that got a major update in Jan. 2017. The theme was turned into an eCommerce theme and now includes excellent built-in features. This is a simple business theme with the ability to use a text logo or a logo image aligned in the top left-hand of the page.

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin WordPress: Automatic Sitemap Generator

Posted By anilagarwal 586 days ago on WP Themes - Are you a WordPress beginner who is searching for a better plugin to easily index your website contents? Or having problems in indexing your website contents?

10+ Best Fashion Blog and Magazine WordPress Themes

Posted By erikemanuelli 1344 days ago on WP Themes - Here’s CodeinWP blog's collection of some of the best fashion blog and magazine WordPress themes on the market.

Let's see if you can find something suitable for your next project on this list.

X – The All In One WordPress Theme You Need

Posted By erikemanuelli 1722 days ago on WP Themes - I introduce you X (created by ThemeCo), all in one solution theme for your WordPress blog.

X Theme developers asked nine among the top internet marketers to share their experience in order to convert their knowledge and training material into this ultimate theme.

Let’s see in this post X features.

Zillah - The Most Exciting Free Blogging Theme Is Here

Posted By erikemanuelli 1194 days ago on WP Themes - Zillah is the new theme from ThemeIsle.

It’s their best free theme to date. And it will stay free for life. No paid add-ons, no upsells. Just quality features, updates … everything that you’d normally expect from a paid theme, delivered for free.

Constructzine Pro – A Premium Theme For Building Companies

Posted By snakeair 956 days ago on WP Themes - The Constructzine Pro theme is a professional Business Theme. This theme comes with a ton of features: you have room to customize the homepage and other aspects of the blog to suit your business needs. Let’s start with the demo version: on the homepage, you have a menu bar with your companies phone number listed just above it. Right under the menu bar is a huge “contact us” form which is perfect for letting potential clients contact you right away

How to Fix My FlexiTheme After Updating to WordPress 5.1

Posted By techwork 218 days ago on WP Themes - If you are using a WordPress theme from FlexiTheme and have upgraded to WordPress 5. 1 you might have broken your blog. I know that, because that was exactly what happened to me.