Is The 4 Percent Group A Scam? An Honest Review [Updated]

Posted By DerekMarshall 14 days ago on Blogging - If you have the question in your mind "Is the 4 Percent Group A Scam?" then do be aware of the "false positive" reviews by their affiliates.  While I'll tell you straight off the bat that this program is NOT a scam I am not affiliated or associated with the company in way at all. This […]

Writing Basics

Posted By cameroncowan 22 days ago on Blogging - I’ve been a part of the Twitter writing community for a while and I’ve noticed that many people are looking for helpful basics on writing so I thought I would try to fill everyone in on some basics of writing. Writing is no easy thing. Ideas are easy to have but trying to get them down in a clear, concise, readable manner. We’ll step through the basics of writing beginning with good grammar. Get GrammarEnglish grammar is complicated. This is what happens when 5 languages crash together and they are forced to get standardized before their time. Such is the nature of English. however, to produce good writing, a strong familiarization with English grammar is essential. Hope is not lost. Now is a good time to pick up a decent style guide and start studying what is wrong

Palm Beach Letter – Scam Or Legit? Truth [REVEALED]

Posted By DerekMarshall 10 days ago on Blogging - Are you searching for an independent and honest Palm Beach Letter Review?. Yes?, Then you have found the right article right here!.  Due to the fact that I am not connected to, affiliated or associated with the company Palm Beach Research Group or any of its products in any way at all - unlike others you can rest […]

HempWorx Review – Scam Or Legit [MUST READ]!

Posted By DerekMarshall 3 days ago on Blogging - Are you looking for an independent and honest review of HempWorx?. Perhaps maybe you are even wondering if it is a scam!.  Then you have most certainly found the right place!. In this article I will tell you all you need to know - and more for you to make an informed decision about this company […]

MOBE Scam Shutdown By The FTC! [MUST READ]

Posted By DerekMarshall 28 days ago on Blogging - MOBE, A Shocking and obvious scam ordered to shut down all websites by the FTC!. That opening sentence should put to bed any doubts that you had regarding the question "Is Mobe A Scam?". It is official, shut down, kah put! closed!.  Before I continue, I'd like to congratulate you on researching scams - this is exactly […]

Obama and the No Good, Very Bad, Simply Awful Presidency

Posted By cameroncowan 10 days ago on Blogging - Remember back in the heady days of 2008? The economy was collapsing before our very eyes and one man offered us two things we were short on at the time: Hope and Change. Obama was drawing massive crowds, the crowds were so large, venues could not fit them. People cried upon merely seeing him. He went from a no-name Illinois senator to bumping Hillary out of the race in just a few short months. Artists created posters and pictures. He seemed like the 2nd coming. He was going to up end all the unpopular stuff Bush did and bring back sanity to government. He was going to make everyone feel better.   His message was so intoxicating, he despatched with Hillary Clinton like it was child’s play and yet, by the time he left office in 2016, Vox was describing him as the lone-w

My Millionaire Mentor – [SHOCKING SCAM EXPOSED!]

Posted By DerekMarshall 29 days ago on Blogging - Everyone is talking about My Millionaire Mentor and no doubt you are looking for an independent review, maybe even you are wondering "Is My Millionaire Mentor A Scam?" Well, you have come to the right place as this is exactly what I will discuss in this independent investigation.   Firstly, I congratulate you on being smart and doing […]

Top 11 Types Of blogs That Make Money #3 And #7 Are Awesome!

Posted By DerekMarshall 17 days ago on Blogging - Have you ever wondered what are the Types Of Blogs That Make Money? You are not alone! Many people are searching just for that exact information and actively seeking out the Blog Topics That Make The Most Money!  And why not!.  You wanna make pounds not pennies, you want B-I-G bucks not small change, and you want […]

Why if You Don’t Let Him Chase You He Will Never Respect You Properly

Posted By rbaxter80 3 days ago on Self Improvement - Why if don’t let him chase you he will never respect you properly I’ve been slated for this opinion in the past, and I’ve been rather tentative about going forth with this one lately, but today I’m doubling down on this one. Mainly because I see it happening all around me. I’ve seen it happen …

Is Yoonla A Scam? The Shocking Truth [REVEALED]

Posted By DerekMarshall 27 days ago on Blogging - Been on social media and checked out some groups and forums yet that question "Is Yoonla A Scam?" has still not been answered sufficiently well.  You are certainly on the right site for an independent review of Yoonla - and an answer to that pertaining question!.  Before we go on I'd like to congratulate you for being […]

Is Prime My Body A Scam? Why You MUST Avoid It [REVEALED]

Posted By DerekMarshall 26 days ago on Blogging - The Legalisation of Hemp Oil and CBD might be all the rage just now but should you really get involved in such an opportunity? While I may not be saying that Prime My Body Is A Scam, you certainly should think twice about promoting it as a product!.  Keep reading to find out why!  Before I get […]

When Should You Buy Instead Of Rent

Posted By philandrews 19 days ago on Technology - When people say you should buy instead of rent what they don’t know they’re saying is that you should take all that free mental capacity you currently have and direct it towards maintaining the physical space in which you live.

The Time I Talked with Alex Linder

Posted By cameroncowan 13 days ago on Blogging - In 2007, I had a 30-minute conversation with Alex Linder the founder of the VNN network and one of the original white supremacists. Back in 2007, I was 19 years old and I was working on trying to land some stories to get my journalism career underway. I was writing for my college newspaper and I was looking for interesting people to interview for other stories. At the time, I was writing for a defunct website called Associated Content which was later Yahoo voices which is now also defunct. Unfortunately, I did not save a hard copy of the original article and the link is long gone. I’m ok with that because the writing was not up to par. I wish AC had survived into the modern era because we did some pretty great work over there. Medium has filled its spot in the market very well.

How To Dispute an Unauthorized Credit Card Charge

Posted By BernzJP 4 days ago on Finance - I opted out of paper billing statements about eight years ago and since then, I started to check my credit card statements online once or twice a month. I had to do this because of past experiences that I’ve had with fraudulent and suspicious charges that showed up on my statements a number of times. […]The post How To Dispute an Unauthorized Credit Card Charge appeared first on