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Trading Tips: How to Target 100% to 800% profits with Gold Trading in 2020. | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 3 days ago on Finance - The continuing trade tensions between the United States with China and Europe and the economic slowdown unfolding have already increased gold's value to a seven year high before the fear of the coronavirus's effect on industrial production, international trade and tourism further attracted interest in investors who are risk adverse.

AUD to USD: trading tips for this forex major | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 2 days ago on Finance - The AUD/USD currency pair is one of the major forex pairs on the currency markets and is usually referred to as the Aussie. Australia is a major exporter of commodities and therefore the exchange rate of AUD/USD is strongly affected by international trade and demand for natural resources such as copper, coal and iron.

Learn how to trade forex, stocks and commodities with the largest and most trusted broker in South Africa | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 14 days ago on Finance - Are you a beginner in the market looking to learn how to trade currencies online? Has your current trading plan failed to bear any fruit? Sign up for an account with CM Trading and our specialists will create a curated education package filled with the best resources to get you on the right track.

How to trade the GBP JPY pair (British Pound and Japanese Yen) | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 1 day 17 hours ago on Finance - The GBP/JPY pair is one of the most volatile pairs in the forex market. This pair also acts as a benchmark for worldwide economic strength and favors longer-term trading strategies that focus on taking advantage of rollovers in order to receive positive interest. During economic crises, GBP JPY may sustain long-term trends with big moves measuring thousands of pips.

Learn the forex jargon: your guide to the most common forex terms and expressions | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 13 days ago on Finance - Trading forex involves learning complex concepts, wading through price charts and making sense of various fundamental indicators, but your first step should be to come to terms with the language of forex and the most used terms of the forex vocabulary.

Trading Tips: Calculating Forex Trade Sizes | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 17 hours ago on Finance - One of the most important yet initially confusing aspects for beginning forex traders is deciding what trade sizes are proper for their account. It's critical for a trader to make trades for the trading account they have not the account they wish they had. Trade sizes for currencies are all the same so once you learn their parameters, it will get easier and easier.

Discover how fundamental analysis can help you plan your entries and identify market opportunities | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 12 days ago on Finance - While technical analysis is arguably the most popular method of market analysis, traders who fail to consider the fundamentals and major economic indicators will either figure out that their trades aren’t going according to plan, or they have missed favorable opportunities.

Trading Tips for Black Swan Events: How to Profit Trading the Coronavirus Scare | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 11 days ago on Finance - Black Swan events are unexpected events that have wide spread implications.They can result from scientific advances, cultural phenomena, wars, natural disasters or just about anything that has a major effect on humanity and therefore the markets.These unexpected events create exceptional opportunities for traders to explore.

What is leverage in forex and how to use it effectively | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 10 days ago on Finance - Currency trading is a leveraged instrument, which means that traders can trade much larger positions than their capital can afford. Leverage can lead to incredible returns even with small deposit amounts and is the main reason why currency trading is such a popular market.

Forex market trading hours: what is the best time to trade? | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 9 days ago on Finance - The fact that you can trade forex around the clock is one of the great advantages of the market and the reason why it’s so popular with traders. However, even though the market may be open, it doesn’t mean it’s active 24 hours a day and if you want better results, you need to trade when there is enough volume and activity for substantial price movements.

Learn how to trade the oil markets: a beginner’s guide | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 8 days ago on Finance - The oil markets are a highly liquid asset class with exciting possibilities for profit potential. Traders who wish to take advantage of movements in the energy markets can trade oil CFDs and profit both in rising and falling markets.

Get access to higher volatility and profit potential by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with CM Trading | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 5 days ago on Finance - The huge leaps in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are driving trading volume and high volatility in the markets. This translates to more profitable opportunities for traders.