9 Mind Blowing Tips! How To Write The Introduction To A Blog

Posted By DerekMarshall 4 days ago on Blogging - So you want to know How To Write The Introduction To A Blog Post but you are sitting there frustrated staring at that "blinking cursor of death" with a mind blanker than the dark screen you are staring at and you are absolutely clueless and really, really, REALLY want to learn How To Start Writing […]

[UPDATED 2019] How To Start A Sports Blog And Earn Some Great And Fun Money On The Side

Posted By DerekMarshall 2 days ago on Blogging - Have you ever thought about or wondered How To Start A Sports Blog and what it takes to build a fun and profitable one?  Obviously, the fun part is writing about something that you are highly and very passionate about but do you know what the most difficult thing is?  It is not getting traffic - traffic […]

Our Economy is Dependent on an 8 hr Work Day

Posted By RougesMagazine 1 day 7 hours ago on Entertainment - Rouges Magazine | Find Something InterestingFor the past 100 years or so, the US economy, and much of the world economy later, has been based on consumption. Consumption is only powered by people having money to spend outside of their own survival. In this article by David Cain, he wrote about the difference between a year of frugal traveling and having a regular job with disposable income. The differences are pretty interesting. The writer reported that when he had a fairly fixed income he was careful with his spending contrasted with having a regular job where he could drop $60 without thinking very much about it because more money was coming in. With a salary, spending small amounts of money on relatively frivolous things can become a common habit. And our economy is rather dependent

31 Beautiful Gradient Logos For Design Inspiration

Posted By fershid 23 hours ago on Design - When Apple launched iOS 7 in 2014, it not only changed the face of UI design, but also branding, graphic and logo design. Skeuomorphic interfaces and glossy app icons were out. Flat design, vibrant colors and gradients were in. In 2016, when Instagram came up with a bright new look and multicolored logo, a vast majority of its users hated the vivid gradients and demanded the company switch back to the vintage camera icon.

Fact is, today bright, bold gradients are one of the hottest design trends in graphic and logo design. We’re seeing more and more brands, specially start ups, incorporating gradients in their logos and app icons. When implemented correctly, gradients can make your logo look modern, contemporary, and impactful. Factors that should be considered before you opt for a ...

Kim Kardashian…..Esq?

Posted By RougesMagazine 19 hours ago on Entertainment - Rouges Magazine | Find Something InterestingWe keep updating you on the on-going interesting things in the Celebrity Desk here at Rouges. This time we’re taking Kim Kardashian and her quest to become an actual lawyer. Yes, you read that right, Kim Kardashian is following in her Father’s footsteps to become a lawyer. She’s taking a non-traditional path. California allows people who have completed at least 60 credits to intern with a law firm and by completing 18 hours a week and a series of tests, to sit for the bar in California. This morning she posted an instagram pic of her hard at work on tort law. View this post on Instagram Last year I registered with the California State Bar to study law. For the next 4 years, a minimum of 18 hours a week is requ

The Many Twists and Turns of Wendy Williams

Posted By RougesMagazine 1 day 12 hours ago on Entertainment - Rouges Magazine | Find Something InterestingAs you all know, we’ve been following the Wendy Williams story closely over the past 3 months. You can catch up on our coverage here and here.Over the past couple of months we’ve learned the following about the Queen of Talk:She fractured her shoulder without much explanation Wendy Williams took a 2 month hiatus that left staff members wondering about their jobsShe’s been living in a sober living houseShe’s been battling sobriety (see above) and at one point left her sober living house, got drunk and was found in a such a state she had to be hospitalized.Her husband had been cheating on her with a long-time mistress who recently gave birth to his child.And now the latest news is pretty stark, if your name is Kelvin Hunte

Boost Your SEO With These On-Site Optimization Strategies

Posted By michael.aulia 1 day 20 hours ago on Technology - There are two primary parts of search engine optimization (SEO). There’s on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Off-site SEO involves signals that Google ranks for that come from other websites. Things like reviews, online reputation, and inbound links make a big difference in your search engine ranking but are largely outside your control. The good news […]

Knock, Knock, Knockin’ On The Gym’s Door

Posted By Thunderella666 21 hours ago on Fashion - I had the most amazing experience at the gym yesterday morning.   It was one of these out of body experiences which I kept hearing about.   Basically, my body was in KFC whilst my spirit was on the elliptical trainer.   I am getting so plump I think I am defying the laws of […]

The Number of the Blogging Beast

Posted By Thunderella666 6 days ago on Fashion - On Saturday, I posted a mini rant on my Instagram following a brief stint at a ‘Bloggers Festival’ in London. As a relatively new,  yet very determined blogger, I am always on the lookout for tips, tools and tricks to help improve my blogging and network with like minded bloggers. So I purchased a ticket […]

The Park Side of The Moon, Sharks, Snacks and Snark

Posted By Thunderella666 10 hours ago on Fashion - As a self-professed gallivanting goth, I have always found it extremely difficult to cope with office work. There has been inglorious phases in my career where I have had to stay locked 8 hours in the same room as people whose sole talking point was the altitude at which David Beckham’s ponytail was hanging (don’t […]

Photoshoot : Living Dead Girl

Posted By Thunderella666 6 days ago on Fashion - I have always been intrigued and drawn to cemeteries. I can remember being 7-8 years old and being really obsessed with ghost stories and the macabre. Not necessarily in a morbid way (hey,I also like Ghostbusters) – but I have always found cemeteries beautiful, peaceful and somehow alluring. So, it was no surprise that I […]

You Lose Some, You Win Some

Posted By Thunderella666 5 days ago on Fashion - You know how some people ‘Wake up Like This’ – cue *instant glowy face potentially generated by Maybelline*? Well, that ain’t me. In fact, over the past 2 months I have been getting out of bed looking like a tanned version of Alice Cooper, with a keratin blow dry and a thirst for H2O, make up remover and a […]

Down With The Sickness

Posted By Thunderella666 2 days ago on Fashion - Ooh wah ah ah ah ah ! *If you have recognised which song this came from : high five all the way from my 90’s teenage goth self (whose very first English words were probably these or ” I’m creeping deaaaaath!!” full goth mullet on) *If you haven’t recognised these wonderful lyrics from Disturbed’s Down […]

Cardi B Admits Taking Advantage of Men

Posted By RougesMagazine 1 day 19 hours ago on Entertainment - Rouges Magazine | Find Something InterestingThe popular rapper Cardi B was in the news recently. A 3 year old Instagram live video was salvaged and posted to twitter. She was talking about how people think that she didn’t work for her own success and that it was just handed to her. Her defense was that as a sex worker, she had to do things to survive including taking men back to hotel rooms, robbing them, and possibly drugging them to rob them. CardiB says she used to what?— Hip Hop Ratchet (@HipHopRatchet) March 24, 2019 #SurvivingCardiBThis caused an interesting but short-lived backlash. Many people on twitter were trying to get her “canceled” and started the hash-tag “survivingcardib” bouncing off the documentary of a s