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Gear Selector Linkage Not Working on A/T

Posted By a2v 329 days ago on Automotive - The gear selector linkage is not working on automatic transmission. When shifting the gear selector linkage is not working several reason will cause this, like low transmission fluid, malfunction fluid pump, out of adjustment linkage.

How to Check a Bad Radiator Cap

Posted By a2v 325 days ago on Automotive - Check the function of the radiator cap. Remove the radiator cap and check if there are damage or cracks on valve seat that may result to leaking radiator cap. Pull the negative pressure valve to open the valve, check the valve if the valve closes completely when released.

Why Does Your Car's Oil Light Come On?

Posted By a2v 304 days ago on Automotive - When your car's oil light come on while driving this is an indication of low engine oil level, it means that the engine oil is too low and the engine is losing oil pressure, with that said the first thing to do is to check the engine oil level.

Nissan Navara Oil Low Light Reset

Posted By a2v 291 days ago on Automotive - Step 1. Press the trip odometer/ reset knob for more than 3 seconds while the wrench symbol and the distance are displayed. The wrench symbol will start flashing and the current service interval will start to show.

Car Shakes When Braking

Posted By a2v 268 days ago on Automotive - Misalignment of brake shoe and brake drum is the reason why the car shakes when braking, but sometimes the brake shoe and drum are aligned, so it could be a problem on the rear wheel bearing that causes the shaking. In any case, both can cause the car to shakes when braking.