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Posted By christopherjanb 236 days ago on Marketing - Learn in this ConvertKit vs MailChimp post how both email marketing tools are perfect for bloggers and e-commerce store owners, respectively.

Personalized Video Content Can Be The Marketing Breakthrough Brands Need

Posted By erikemanuelli 261 days ago on Marketing - The “pivot to video” - it’s something we’ve been hearing about for years now. If you’re tired of the phrase, buckle up, because video marketing is not going away anytime soon.

25 Content Marketing Books That Bend Your Mind Towards Success!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 93 days ago on Marketing - Content Marketing Books are aplenty on Amazon, but you have to pick and choose carefully. Look for the books by people who have themselves become immensely successful content marketers, because experience teaches like nothing else can.

10 Content Marketing Examples Of Small Businesses With Big Ideas!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 93 days ago on Marketing - Content Marketing Examples of niche small businesses may be more awesome than big brands … because they succeed by spending brain-power than money-power.

What Is Search Intent? And How Do You Optimize Your Content For It?

Posted By adamjc 127 days ago on Marketing - Did you know, that on average, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second (you can visualize them here), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide?What’s interesting is that searchers don’t use many words in their queries.  Read more »

[Wake Up!] 3 Eye-Opening Content Hacks for 'Boring' Businesses

Posted By erikemanuelli 275 days ago on Marketing - Content Marketing is a vital component of visibility — also driving revenue, customer retention, and brand affinity — when it performs as intended.

So, speaking of intentions, how do you:

- Conjure up relevant, appealing content ideas that hold the potential to go viral?
- Ensure all pieces of content reach your target audience?
- Gain targeted traffic, leads and sales as a result of this content?

Here are 3 overarching, ROI-focused methods to hack your ‘boring business’ Content Marketing strategy!

Don’t think outside the box. Know you are never bound by a box.

9 Types Of Content To Master To Be A Content Marketing Crackerjack!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 93 days ago on Marketing - There are many types of content that solopreneurs can use on their sites to make the variety engaging and interesting to their audiences. Some experts have even listed up to 115 different types of content!

3 Tips For Getting What You Want When Working With Freelancers

Posted By moneytized 323 days ago on Marketing - Respect your freelance partners and the outcome might surprise you.
Here are 3 tips to create lasting relationships with them and get the job done properly.

Content Marketing Definitions: 15 Smart, Thought-Provoking Angles!

Posted By ShobhaPonnappa 93 days ago on Marketing - Here are Content Marketing Definitions from 15 different thought leaders coming at the subject from their different angles. But see how they all focus on “how content marketing can serve your business goals”.

The Top 10 Marketing Attribution Software Solutions

Posted By AdNgin 28 days ago on Advertising - With the possibility of attribution inaccuracy in different models, Facebook, and Google Analytics, how does one figure out what exactly is driving leads to a business?
The answer lies in finding the right marketing attribution software solution. But with over 7,000 software platforms vying to solve the problem of marketing attribution, how do you know which is the right one to choose for your business?

KWFinder Review & Tutorial (Plus Special Discount)

Posted By contentchampion 264 days ago on Marketing - I’ll tell you a secret. A few years ago I kind of sucked at keyword research. Which isn’t great as an SEO and content marketer.

It’s not that I wasn’t getting results, it’s just that the whole process seemed so boring – and I often found myself making excuses not to do ​any at all.