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My Surf Post On Reddit Caught Flak: Here’s My Response

Posted By philandrews 326 days ago on Technology - In response to the overwhelming criticism I received from posting an article outlining tactics to help new surfers surf when the waves are too big for their skill level

React: How To Access Props In A Functional Component

Posted By philandrews 324 days ago on Technology - If you haven’t spent a lot of time in React this might be a spot where you spend more time than is necessary trying to figure out how to access props in a child functional component.

The Kivy Frontier: Multiple Independent Windows

Posted By philandrews 319 days ago on Technology - It's hacky. But it works. I need the second app to be full screen on a second monitor. It seems that the second application will take on whatever display it’s in as it’s master and resize to it as long as you initialize it in that screen space.

Your alarm clock, now powered by Amazon Alexa

Posted By michael.aulia 73 days ago on Technology - Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Clock Review – Echo Dot is probably one of the cheapest and smartest ways to get the smart assistant Alexa into your home. Make sure to read out Echo Dot (3rd Gen) review to see what the device can do to your home. But the space on our bedside […]

When Should You Buy Instead Of Rent

Posted By philandrews 270 days ago on Technology - When people say you should buy instead of rent what they don’t know they’re saying is that you should take all that free mental capacity you currently have and direct it towards maintaining the physical space in which you live.