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Vacationing in Luxury on the Gulf Coast

Posted By lovelivegreen 82 days ago on Travel - Sean, Jackson, Lucy, and I recently visited Panama City Beach, Florida. My favorite time to visit the beach is during the winter. Many pools are heated, and the waters are calm and serene. On our visit, the ocean was actually warmer than the outside temperature, and it felt so wonderful dipping our feet into the warm waters of the gulf.
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Your Eastern Sierra Playground Guide for Winter Adventure

Posted By iExplore 36 days ago on Travel - Sandwiched between the Eastern Sierra and White Mountains in the central part of the state near the Nevada-California border, Bishop is the ideal playground for wayward explorers who don't like to sit still for too long. We all know there’s nothing like an adrenaline rush to beat the chill, right?

Exploring the North Georgia Mountains

Posted By lovelivegreen 222 days ago on Travel - As Atlanta natives, we often hear people say that they are headed to the mountains for the weekend. At this point, I often ask what part? Since the northern quarter…
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Every Town Needs a Local Goat

Posted By lovelivegreen 253 days ago on Travel - Food is far more than something you eat. To break bread together is a form of bonding, a form of love. In the heart of the Smoky Mountains sits the Local Goat, a restaurant that exemplifies everything we love about dining.
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Find Your Space in Knoxville, Tennessee

Posted By iExplore 30 days ago on Travel - Wicked mountain biking, urban adventure and authentic Appalachian culture don’t often come together in one place. We’re happy to say it’s alive and thriving in a corner of Tennessee known as Knoxville, a place where the thrills of nature are accessible even within the city limits. Knoxville’s geography offers visitors the chance to get active and enjoy the great outdoors any time of the year.

Beautiful and Delicious Cookie Secrets

Posted By lovelivegreen 232 days ago on Travel - In a small town in West Georgia, a beautiful secret is cooking, a cookie secret. Jessica Bryant, a 29-year-old baker, has transformed how cookies are baked and designed. Her cookies…
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Monkeying Around in Dayton, Tennessee

Posted By lovelivegreen 183 days ago on Travel - This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click on the links, we may earn a fee. There is no additional cost to you. There is something exciting when a…
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Easy Homemade Tortillas

Posted By lovelivegreen 145 days ago on Travel - I am a sucker for street tacos. However, the reason why is not because of the meat or toppings, but because of the authenticity of the tortilla. The tortillas I love, and the ones I consider genuinely authentic, are made with corn flour. These are not the traditional yellow shells that we typically eat as hard-shell tacos, but rather a white tortilla that looks very similar to flour tortillas.
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Thankful for Mentone

Posted By lovelivegreen 86 days ago on Travel - As travel bloggers, Sean and I are very thankful that we can expose our children to different experiences and cultures. Throughout years of traveling, we have come to appreciate the identities and the draws of various towns and cities across America.
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Elote: Easy Street Corn from Sedona to Your Table

Posted By lovelivegreen 180 days ago on Travel - Last year while visiting Sedona, Arizona, we visited a restaurant named Elote. The restaurant was named after the dish Elote, which is actually a Mexican street corn. After eating the dish, I began researching the origins of such deliciousness. Elote, the dish, is often found for sale on many city streets throughout Mexico.
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Vacationing in White Sands and Alamogordo, New Mexico

Posted By lovelivegreen 229 days ago on Travel - When traveling, people typically know where they are going and at least have an inkling of what they will see. On our journey to White Sands, New Mexico, our family…
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