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Hi there my name is Brian and I'm the owner and founder of blogengage dot com. I would like to take a minute of your time and introduce you to our star performing affiliate and publishing companies. I spent many hours putting this list together so use my referral links please and thanks.

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Text link Ads offers a great opportunity to make money online from blogging and or owning a website. I would suggest looking at this company if interested in replacing Google or simply looking at makes extra income while using Google. Never under estimate the possibilities of making money online.

Link Worth I've been using Link Worth for a while now and I'm still new to it all. It's a great opportunity to generate money on your blog or website but does require some reading and understanding. I would strongly suggest signing up and at least seeing what they have to offer. Who knows you could make some great money..

Neverblue Ads NeverBlue offers an amazing environment to track your earning per ad rotators. They are very advanced compared to any other affiliate program you will ever join. They have an amazing offers specific to many niches and are open to almost anyone joining. I added my affiliate link to the link above make sure you hook me up and use the link. I would greatly appreciate it.

Adbrite Ads I've been using Adbrite for about 2 years now and find their program to has so much opportunity to grow and make online money. They offer a unique way to use your ads plus your Google ads deepening on the cost of the ad space and offer your visitors advertising space too. it's very unique compared to any program on the web and is very similar to google.

BidVertiser I've been using bidVertiser for about 2 years but I only use the referral program. As of now I don't use their ads for selling anything.

Infolinks I just started using infolinks and it's generating an awesome amount of income for me right now. I don't see it around much so it's rather new but I'm getting around 15 or 20 clicks a day using this system. They offer a referral option but it's in beta so you have to be approved first but none the less you can s till ad this to your blog or website and generate some earnings.

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