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10 Point Check List For Blog Promotion

Posted By Ileane 1404 days ago on Blog Tips - I call this the:Blog Promotion ManifestoUse this ten point blog promotion checklist to promote your pillar content on the internet.You wrote a great post - Whats next?In this episode you'll learn:How to drive traffic to the postHow to get the post sharedHow to grow your network#1: Choose a catchy "sharable" headline - What's a Shareable Headline? A shareable headline get attention? It also needs to be around 120 characters so that it fits easily into a retweet!#2: Share the post on social networks, blogging communities and webmaster forums For Twitter use: JustRetweet and Viral Content BuzzFor Facebook use: Social Buzz ClubForums and Communities to join:Blog Engage Blokube Website Babble BizSugar Bloggers#3: Add a link to the post in social networking profiles instead of your home page#4. Blog Commenting - Leave "valuable" comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs. Here's some tips for leaving good comments that get approved:Offer good adviceShare your takeAsk a question#5: Publish related content on your blog. Case studies are just one option!#6: Guest Post on authority blogs that help build your Google "Author Rank". In order to do this, you must be sure the host blog provides you with an author bio box so you can get your Google Authorship! Three excellent blogs to guest post on:Basic Blog TipsComLuv blogFamous Bloggers#7: Reproduce your content as a video, presentation or podcast! Get creative - Check out the slides and video for this post below.#8: Conduct interviews with bloggers who have expertise on the subject of your blog post.#9: Build links to your post with content curation platforms like, or Storify#10: Send an email to your newsletter subscribersDon't miss an episode - subscribe to this podcast in iTunes! you are new to blogging be sure to check out Blogging Tips 101 and to get free tips and resources to help you build a better blog and expand your audience! The Blog Promotion Manifesto:Your 10 Point Check List for Blog Post Promotion from Ileane Smith iTunes and Stitcher

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