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Posted By creativeextraordinaire on Creative Lifestyle - So here are some of the insights that I wish to share with you, I have encountered them a lot on my own journey to growth and self-discovery and I most especially want to talk about the gap, about minding the gap that is always between who we are in the moment and who we hope to be. Our journey to becoming in a nutshell, and as we continually evolve, it is crucial that we define the gap, so that we are alert and intentional about our growth. Set clear goals and achieve them by being intentional and applying these ten winning mindsets; embrace the journey with the resolve to grow and achieve your most ambitious goals. Click here to subscribe to my channel Today I am going to talk about the topic intentionality, how we get clear about our goals and our intentions; 2019 ended on a high note, with great expectancy for the new decade. While I love the optimism, I want to say that nothing is likely to change unless we do, if last year was hard then this year might just be as hard if we are not careful and intentional about change. I don’t mean to sound like the oracle of doom but if your habits, mindsets, environment have not changed you are most likely to find yourself in the same predicament as you did before. 2020 success is contingent upon the planning and the goals that you made in 2019 or even 2018. I most especially want to talk about the gap, about minding the gap that is always between who we are in the moment and who we hope to be; as we continually evolve, it is crucial that we define the gap, so that we are alert and intentional about our growth. But a lot of the time, the gap widens and it feels like dreams/wishes/goals are unattainable and but it is quite the opposite because with the resolve to grow comes a realization of our shortcomings also comes to light and helps us address this very gap and to set systems in place to address it. So how big is your gap at this moment? And what are systems have you put in place to address it, will it require a great amount of resources or is it just something you can monitor on a daily basis? Define the uneasiness, the in-between the continual transition, beware of destination addiction because there is no such a thing as arriving here on earth. So how do we bridge the gap? Here are a few suggestions: FOCUS & MINDFULNESS THROUGH ACTIONABLE GOALS I have been personally very intentional about my goals only a couple of years ago, I can honestly say that 2019 is the year where I wrote my goals and my overall vision down and relentlessly followed them up; this is the only year where I had a success rate of over 80% of my goals, so to think we can just slide through life and have things happen the way we want them is a fallacy, by setting actionable goals and monitoring them, we are creating a system in place and setting ourselves up for success through consistent work. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS Things will not turn out the way you planned them, have a contingency plan in place, always think worst-case scenario, learn to quickly pivot beacuse time waits for nobody. STAY AWAY FROM PERFECTION The other thing to watch out for is perfectionism; perfection is the enemy of progress and our growth is too often stifled by our need to have it all together, which is usually a concealed form fear of failure and ridicule. Starting from scratch is certainly intimidating, however as long as we are learning and growing it is definitely worth our while. BE COMFORTABLE WITH FAILURE We stop romanticizing success by that I mean financial success because it is the seeming benchmark for success, we learn to live in the present and to plan for the future. We endeavor to understand and embrace the process, the long hours, the sacrifices, even when most of your endeavors fail it shouldn’t stop you from trying anew. This often means reinventing yourself, and not being afraid of looking foolish. Failure and success will alternate their visits on our life’s journey so don’t vow your allegiance to either one, they are just teachers. HAVE AN UNMATCHED WORK ETHIC Commit to a consistent lifestyle that embraces discipline and hard work and creates habits that align with your life’s purpose. Enjoy the tedious nature of your work. PRACTICE SELF-COMPASSION Your story is unique, that makes it both beautiful and terrifying, and because creative living requires us to show up as we are, to have the courage to stand out and ask for what we want, what we know we deserve. This process takes preparation, patience and practice self-compassion in a consistent basis; dealing with the incomplete nature of our work as we find ourselves in transitory places that force us to face our darkest fears, our inner demons; what looks like chaos is sometimes a wake-up call, a way God uses to heal us from the wounds of our past. IDENTIFY YOUR BLINDSPOTS That derail you, know the triggers, numbing the pain or hiding behind it through temporary artifice is never the solution, you will always be afraid, you just have to learn to turn down the volume and ignore your fear so start the elimination process by defining your blindspots. BE COURAGEOUS Every day we decide to explore our potential is the day we choose courage over fear, discomfort over comfort, and legacy over complacency. If it so happens that you are not where you are supposed to be, please don’t fret, even if your future still looks bleak at 40, life doesn’t have a roadmap or a formula and a lot of the time we are victims of societal pressures and unmet expectations. So start anew, give yourself time for reflection and clarity, decide on the way forward, and rewrite your history if you must. Life often feels like a paradox, within this dual space is the drama of wanting to live ourselves based on an ideal that did not pan out, that is where we get stuck. Accept your reality, choose humility and become a student of life. SAY NO To everything that doesn’t align with your vision, and sometimes we have to say no to good things like a chocolate cake if you are on a healthy diet you might have to say no to the cake which in all reality is a good thing but not to where you are going on your journey to healthy body. READINESS IS A MYTH We are seldom ever ready for the challenges and the journey that lies ahead. So stop overthinking, over planning and get going. Now you might ask me what’s the point of being intentional, well it helps you be prepared but we all know that life is so unpredictable. So back to you… · So do see the gap in your own life? · Would you say you are living with intentionality? · How does your intentionality plan look like? Do you practice mindfulness? · Have you set your goals for 2020, systems have you put in place to ensure the successful completion of your goals? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, let’s continue the conversation in the comment section below. Xo, Ange

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