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21 Copywriting Tips To Boost Sales

Posted By GuestCrew on Pro Writing - Some people may argue that it takes someone with a true gift of gab to be a successful salesperson. We think it just takes someone with the right skill set.

An important part of that skill set is the ability to separate the wheat from the chafe when it comes to deciphering marketing jargon



Very comprehensive list of copywriting tips. I guess keeping your sentences short is something that I would consider high in the list. Having short sentences allow you to cut away the fat and get into the meat of the context.Either way, all tips mentioned in the post are something that all copywriters should follow.


Hey Christopher,

Thanks for your comments, glad you liked it,

Yes, having short sentences really helps. The #20 covers that, but I guess it is an extension of #3 "scannable" - as short sentences makes reading or "skimming through" easy.


Uttoran Sen,

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