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3 Reasons to Keep Marketing Content Production In-House

Posted By Audienti 1760 days ago on Marketing - Outsourcing marketing content production is commonplace, and for good reason. It often makes financial sense—you may not need a full-time marketing content production team. It frees up your staff so they can focus on other projects, especially for smaller companies. It’s a chance to let the experts drive, and develop a good content production and management strategy without a lot of trial and error. But now we’re going to make the case for keeping content marketing in-house.
We’ve got three good reasons to forgo the freelancers and keep your content production services as part of your business. Keeping content production under one roof can lead to less duplicate content and fewer silos among your departments, among other things. Read on for details.
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Moving Parts Are Better Managed In-House
Good marketing content can be used outside the marketing department. But leveraging this content properly, ensuring sales, PR, and other teams use it effectively and consistently, takes some coordination. And, according to marketing expert Andrew Davis, an in-house content marketing strategist is a company’s best bet to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Per the Content Marketing Institute:
“I think that you have to have a champion inside that can actually rally all those agencies to leverage the assets the company now owns to do that right. And if you don’t have a forward-thinking CMI, or you don’t have a CCO in place, it’s almost impossible for any content strategists from the outside to make an impact.”
Good marketing content production starts at home: If your internal processes are flawed, an outside agency is never going to be able to run your content marketing.
Your Employees Will Build a Stronger Brand Voice
Your employees, not your freelancers, are one of your biggest marketing tools. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff can boost your marketing content quality in three ways:

Having employees participate in the content production process also makes them more invested in the company itself. They’re more likely to share and promote the content your company produces if they’ve had a hand in making it.
You’ll produce more diverse content. Outsourcing means a handful of marketing people are telling another handful of marketing people what to write, and while you want your marketing content to be consistent, it can get repetitive. Bringing different people to the table can help you come up with some new ideas.
Employees can use their own social media profiles (within reason) to promote your company brand. Have them fill out their LinkedIn pages with company info, or have them think up some other ways that they can help spread the word about the business. “People don’t buy from brands; they buy from people they know and trust,”  Michael Idinopulos, chief marketing officer of social optimization software PeopleLinx, told BusinessNews Daily in March. It doesn’t get much more personal than this.

Spreading the content burden around is also cost-effective and time-saving. Having a lot of people do a little bit of work makes it go faster. It’s just important to have a strong content marketing strategy in place before you start getting other employees involved; otherwise, things could get messy.

Your employees, not your freelancers, are one of your biggest marketing tools.Click To Tweet

 Flexibility Is Priceless
Last-minute changes aren’t ideal, but they do happen. It’s much easier to switch gears when your marketing content production team is in-house, rather than outsourced. Often, the in-house team members are the ones who decide to change things up last minute; an agency or a freelancer isn’t going to do that, unless there’s a big problem.
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