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4 SEO Tips for the Non-Technical Business Website Owner

Posted By ivanpw 932 days ago on Business - If you find SEO confusing, you’re probably asking yourself how in the heck a non-techie business owner like yourself can ever hope to master this ever-changing landscape effectively.
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The truth is you can’t, there are plain and simply too many things to consider:

Creating an interesting blog (that will attract search engine visitors)
Page meta tags
Alt text
Heading tags
301 redirects
Google Analytics
Site verification

And that’s just a small list of many factors that need to be addressed in the larger scheme of things. Creating interesting content is hard enough. Most business owners don’t have the time or the heart to get into the technical inner-workings of how a website works, nor how to label and tag this, that, and the other thing to make search engines like Google happy.…

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