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45 Clever Illustrations That Catch Your Attention With Their Creative Twists

Posted By fershid 1335 days ago on Art - Chinese artist Gao Youjun a.k.a. Shanghai Tango is a popular cartoonist on the Chinese social network Weibo with over 160,000 followers. His comics usually consist of two distinct objects or animals interacting with each other and their funny, coincidental connections. He began drawing these illustrations in 2010 when a friend advised him to open a Weibo account and “challenged” him to make a new drawing every day.

Youjun has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Tsinghua University’s Academy of Arts & Design. He joined advertising in 1995 and now runs an agency of his own. Whenever he finds time from his busy schedule, he creates a new comic in his simple, quirky style with a humorous twist. Check out his work here.

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