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5 Best Super Top up Health Plans That Should be Considered

Posted By ravikumarnama 314 days ago on Finance - Considering Top up Health Insurance plans is one option to get higher Health Insurance coverage at affordable prices. These Top up health insurance plans are a unique type of health cover policies that offer you (insured) an additional coverage, which is beyond the “threshold limit” (or) the maximum limit of the existing health insurance policies.

For example – You are a working professional and your Employer providing Group Health Insurance for 5 Lakhs and you also have a Top up Health Insurance plan for Rs 5 Lakhs with the threshold limit or deductible of Rs 5 Lakhs.

Suppose, assume that you have a medical claim of 7 lakhs this year. Then, your Group Health Insurance Policy will pay Rs 5 Lakhs and the remaining 2 Lakhs will be covered from your Top up Policy. In the absence of Top up Health policy, the remaining 2 lakhs should be paid from your pocket. Hope, you now got some idea on how these Top up Health Insurance Policies will work.

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