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5 Essential Tools for DIY Brand Building

Posted By erikemanuelli on Branding - Branding is the most elusive aspect of business.

It’s completely intangible. It’s the perception consumers have of your business. It can be positive: trustworthy, dependable, exclusive, or quality. Or it can be negative: dishonest, sleazy, worthless or even invisible.

It’s all about perception.

You want to build the brand image that matches your overall goal. You can’t leave this to chance.

If you’re ready to take charge of your brand, here are five essential tools that will help you create a killer brand this year.



Great article! I like to consider brand building my bread and butter, but not just any type of brand building, brand building that truly reflects your true north and truly speaks to you and what you're all about. I really enjoyed your post, and thought you might like my recent post on branding "The #1 Rule to Branding & Why It's So Hard to Pull Off" here: />
Thanks for sharing your article!

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