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5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Using Facial Serum

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - To most people, a serum may just be another layer that they’ve to slather on in their skincare routine. However, when you really look into its spectacular benefits, you’ll understand why so many skincare giants want you to use it every day.
Read on to find out why a facial serum is absolutely essential in your skincare.
1. You’ll Start Seeing Instant Brightening Results
The biggest benefit of serums is that they are quickly absorbed into the skin. Unlike facial moisturizers, which take longer to seep into the deeper layers, a serum can penetrate and take effect with fast action. This is the reason why you may start seeing the results in the first week only.
Serums usually have a lightening ingredient, like vitamin C, and a moisturizing ingredient, like Hyaluronic acid. Both of them work together to hydrate and brighten up the skin.
2. It Vanishes Away Dark Spots  
Serums are designed to act at lightning speed. Therefore, the ingredients are pure and extremely potent. The main catalyst in a facial serum to eliminate dark spots is vitamin C. Also known as, L-Ascorbic acid, the agent quickly breaks through the dark skin cells and immediately starts repairing the skin.
3. It Enhances Your Moisturizer
Serums work best when paired with a facial moisturizer. Since moisturizers are made of thick emollients, using a combination of both will help to lock in the serum. On the other hand, the serum will also enhance the performance of your moisturizer by retaining it in the skin for longer periods.
It combines its potency with the hydrating qualities of a moisturizer to deliver amazing results for your skin.
4. It Stimulates Collagen Production
When applied, the serum basically fills in the wrinkles and fine lines. By protecting the skin with hydration, it increases moisture retention. This way the serum absorbs into the problem areas of your skin and stimulates the production of skin proteins.
This protein, known as collagen, promotes healthy and firm skin. Collagen production is the prime agent to fight premature signs of ageing.
5. It Clears Up Acne
As it is extremely rich in anti-oxidants, a high-quality facial serum gradually helps clear up acne with the same ingredients that hydrate your skin. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and potent anti-oxidants like Ferulic acid balance out the oils, shrink your pores, and kill acne bacteria.
The Best Serum to Take Your Skin to the Next Level

Now that you know the miracles a good facial serum can perform, let’s have a look at one of the best dermatologist-recommended facial serums out there.
The Advanced Vitamin C Serum Formula: Super Anti-Ageing and Anti-Wrinkle
The Advanced vitamin C Serum Formula is a skincare elixir created with love and care by ML Delicate Beauty. It packs the best ingredients to transform your skin inside-out. Have a look at its key ingredients to find out why it is truly an advanced beauty anti-ageing facial serum.
Key Ingredients:
Vitamin C
With L-ascorbic acid, this serum is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants.
Ferulic Acid
Yet another incredible anti-oxidant, Ferulic acid does an amazing job at eliminating free radicals for good.
Vitamin E
Being the single most important ingredient for hydration, vitamin E is non-soluble and retains moisture all day long.
Hyaluronic Acid
With an impressive ability to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant.
Vitamin B3 and B5
Vitamin B3 shrinks down large pores and naturally derives moisture from the environment. Paired with vitamin B5, a hydrophilic agent, you will have the most moisturized skin.
Your skin will immediately start looking more luminous, healthy, and bright within the first week of using this wonderful serum. Head over to ML Delicate Beauty and grab it before it runs out!
Beside the 5 reasons stated above, what would be the 6th reason for you to use a facial serum? Leave us a comment below.
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