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5 Reasons Why Your Skin Absolutely Loves Vitamin C

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - You’ve probably come across many skincare fads promising you unbelievably gorgeous skin, only to find out that it simply doesn’t work for you. This is because your skin is just like any other organ of the body and takes its sweet time to heal.
If you’re going through an acne phase or your skin has lately become too dull for pictures, then you’re probably not giving your skin what it needs.

This is your time to ditch all your skincare products and listen carefully. Less is more. You don’t need different lotions, creams, and face-masks to keep your skin supple and soft. All you need is a packed dose of pure vitamin C to get your skin back in the game.
It single-handedly maintains the youthful look while protecting it from further damage. Here are the wonderful reasons why people absolutely love it on their skin.
1.     Boosts Collagen
You may have heard about this fancy word. Collagen is the single-most important protein in the body that is supposed to keep your skin firm and supple. You will get sagging skin and deep wrinkles if you start losing out on this precious protein.
A good way to ensure that your skin is receiving a fair amount of collagen is through vitamin C. Applying a product infused with a chockfull of vitamin C will help increase your collagen production.  
2.     Combats Ageing
This amazing vitamin is packed with antioxidants that are your greatest defense against ageing. Having wrinkles on the forehead and the neck can be embarrassing, especially if you haven’t even aged that much. With a daily dose of vitamin C on your skin, you will notice a drastic improvement in your ageing signs.
3.     Repairs Skin
Over time your skin will lose its firmness and the collagen underneath may snap. You need vitamin C for fading scars.  You could also lose your complexion due to sun exposure and ageing. Vitamin C, however, is your skin’s best friend. When nothing else works, this good guy promotes skin cell turnover and pushes up fresher, brighter skin.
4.     Reverses Sun Damage
Vitamin C provides ample protection against free radicals and UV damage to help your skin retain its plump texture. The effects of sun damage can bring down your confidence because you end up with a darker, uneven complexion.
Vitamin C can help reverse that and restore your original skin tone while maintaining a healthy skin barrier.  
5.     Brightens Up the Skin
Vitamin C is the safest natural skin lightener. It inhibits the production of melanin and fades away stubborn hyper-pigmentation from the most inner layers of the skin. People who religiously consume Vitamin C either orally or topically have noticed a more even skin tone and brighter complexion.
Where can I Find the Best Form of Vitamin C?
There are countless products in the market. There will be creams, lotions, supplements, face-masks and even anti-wrinkle face creams. However, not all of them will deliver what they promise, nor do they contain a pure form of vitamin C.
Serums are undisputedly the most potent forms of vitamin C called L-Ascorbic acid. The characteristic quality of a serum is that it’s strictly made of a pure extract. However, even serums can be tricky. Trying to find the one that perfectly suits your skin and gives you real results is a struggle on its own.
But we’ve done the research for you. The Advanced Vitamin C Serum Formula by ML Delicate Beauty is here to put an end to all your skin problems. It is an incredibly potent formula and contains the purest form of vitamin C.
Why the Advanced Vitamin C Serum Formula?
But the question remains, why is this the best skin facial serum?   
In addition to vitamin C, this formula contains Retinol (vitamin A) that works to brighten up your skin with instant results. Along with the moisturizing goodness of squalene and jojoba oil, this serum eliminates the need of a moisturizer.
It’s an all-in-one solution to your dull skin. With Cermaide-3 and a host of anti-ageing essential oils, your face will only get the best. It is the best anti-ageing facial serum.
It’s time to bid farewell to nasty spots and stubborn wrinkles and clear up acne because the Advanced Vitamin C Serum Formula is here to rescue your skin.
 Among these 5 reasons stated above, what is your best reason to buy a Vitamin C serum for your face? Leave us a comment below.
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