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Posted By recklessgil 61 days ago on Personal - *57 So the story of how I learned what *57 is. So I’ll start by saying that in AA they say to get a sponsor of the same sex to ensure no funny business on either side. But I really respected this guy, Red who was an older guy with like a million years sober. I asked him to be my sponsor because he clearly knew how to stay clean and sober. He agreed. I was like 23 at the time. I was sober when my brother killed himself, Red was there for me as a constant support. Then Derek got out of jail…another long story. But I was not sure if he would want revenge for me testifying which put him in jail for 9 months. I told Red about my concerns. I started getting hang ups and heavy breathing calls on the house phone from a blocked number. I looked into it and found out that if it happened at least 3 times and I hit *57 every time after the call ended I could open a phone harassment case and the police would find out who was doing it. I really thought it was Derek and continued to lean on Red. He agreed that it might be Derek. After this had happened a few times and I had hit *57, I called the police who contacted the phone company. The officer called me and asked if I knew anyone from Canton. I was like “I don’t know anyone from Canton who would do this.” The only one I know from Canton was Red. They asked what his number was and I told him, he told me that was the phone number that was harassing me. He asked if I wanted to press charges, I said no and explained he was my sponsor in AA. They called him for me and told him to stop and that what he was doing was inappropriate. That was the end of any contact with Red.


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