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A Detailed Explanation of Black Cats

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Entertainment - Why Are Black Cats Feared?Are you afraid of black cats?  Millions of people all over the world believe that black cats are associated with witchcraft and evil.  I find that black cats are the cutest of all the cats that are out there. I love solid color felines.  Where did this superstition of black cats come from? Traditionally, black cats have been associated with witches.  Our ancestors believed that witches turned themselves into black cats.  Therefore, during Halloween season; you always see pictures of black cats with their spine turn upwards to represent screeching and fear. Black Cat NamesAre you trying to name your cat and Don’t know where to start?  Here are some names that are popular with black cats:MidnightHersheyLunaBearMagicPepperShebaDinahJasmineThe Different Black Cat BreedsAmericans love black cats.  It is estimated that black cats have a 29% chance of being adopted over any other cat breed.  More people today prefer black cat breeds over other breeds. Most people say that they love the black cat’s fir color and bright eyes.  A black cats eyes come out clearer at night.  My favorite are the yellow eyes.Turkish Angora – 1st cat in Europe.  Loved by the Turkish people.  Black cats were around during the time that the Prophet Mohammed was 570 – 632 A.D.  This breed of cat can swim well.  This cat loves to get brushed on a regular basis. Sphynx – This cat breed has no hair.  Their wrinkly skin gives them away.  This cat originally comes from Canada. This cat breed needs other cats and humans around them.  They desire love and enjoy getting pet.Scottish Fold – Originally founded by a Scottish Shepherd in the 1960’s.Persian – Found by ancient Romans and in the 1500’s.  Persians have long hair. Oriental – Originally comes from Thailand.American Bobtail – This is a combination of a short-tailed tabby and a Siamese breed.American Curl – This cat is recognized by its pulled back ears.American Shorthair – Comes from Europe. Brought to the United States by early settlers.British Shorthair – Comes from the United Kingdom.Cornish Rex – Comes from Cornwall England. Are Black Cats Lucky? Superstition teaches us that black cats are lucky. This is the good side of the black cat for people that think that these cats are associated with evil.  You might think that black cats are bad luck or good luck. This all depends on what you are using the cat luck for. For some people, black cats are great to have around when you are trying to win at gambling.  Another is for betting on horses. Fact:National black cat day is October 27.  Yes, its just a few days before Halloween. Black Cat Superstition Beliefs:Seeing a black cat means that someone will die soon.If a black cat passed you by, you will have bad luck.What Are a Black Cats Personality Traits?Black cats are known to be friendly, outgoing and in need of human and other feline companionship.  They make great pets and are often good around kids.  There are many different breeds of black cats and they all have different personalities. Black Cat With Green Eyes Small Black Cat Two Black Cats Baby Black Cat Persian Cat Black Panther Cat Sphynx  British Shorthair 28 Questions Answered About Psychics and Clairvoyantsby The Horoscope Expert | Jul 16, 2019 | Psychic#1 What is a Clairvoyant? A clairvoyant is someone that can see into the future using their sixth sense. The sixth sense is a spiritual belief that there is a third eye located in the center of your forehead.  Clairvoyants don’t need to use any spiritual tools such as... 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