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Artist Turns Shadows Of Everyday Objects Into Funny Sketches

Posted By fershid 1277 days ago on Art - Talk about a vivid imagination. Belgian artist and filmmaker Vincent Bal turns shadows of everyday objects into whimsical doodles that are totally unrelated to the object but ingeniously clever. For example, he doodles around the shadow of a rubber duck and turns it into a burglar walking with a bag of loot. Similarly, the shadow of a leaf becomes a bird, a phone charger becomes a ship, a shoe becomes Homer Simpson, and so on.

It all started when Vincent was working on a new script and noticed the shadow of his tea cup on a piece of paper. He drew some lines on it and turned it into an elephant. He then took a pic of his creation and shared it on Facebook. The pic went viral and since then he’s been posting a doodle a day. Check out his work here.

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