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Building Good Habits, Warren Buffett Style

Posted By pollystevens 298 days ago on Self Improvement - When Warren Buffett visited Columbia University investing class, a student asked Buffett what he could do now to prepare for an investing career. “Buffett thought for a few seconds and then reached for the stack of reports, trade publications and other papers he had brought with him. “Read 500 pages like this everyday” said Buffett, […]
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One main thing I suck at is this, "Schedule a time, preferably first thing in the morning, to pursue your chosen activity." Waking up is hard... all dreams and aspirations and ambitions can go to H when I ht the snooze button. The fire inside me freezes over and confidence that sleep is more important is paramount. Yes, I'll wake up at 11 and sit on my throne. Until I've had a satisfying slep, my empire can wait... pooh.

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