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Clean Living : Getting back into Shape

Posted By carolinestyling 1057 days ago on Fashion - If you've ever spent some time chatting to me, chances are I've mentioned how much I enjoy early morning exercise and chances are you've given me a wierd stare or two - yep, I regularly kick myself out of bed at strange hours of the day, drive for approx 30 mins to Living Well Hilton Gym and on most days drive up to Mosta right after. So why the title? The problem is, that throughout December, I was simply too busy and waking up was feeling harder and harder. In general, I always find the Winter months harder - the cold and limited daylight doesn't help, sun and heat give me energy, cold weather drains me,  I find myself feeling lethargic throughout the Winter. However, the main culprit for missing out on about 4 weeks of exercise was simply having too much work to do, so in keeping with the 2016 resolutions, I decided that exercise had to go back to being a priority in my life. I'm happy to report that so far so good, I haven't managed to return to my 4/5 times a week habits but I've been managing a 2/3 times a week schedule for the past couple of weeks.I'm trying to set myself a few targets and the great thing about Living Well is that it never feels like anyone is watching / judging you, I feel it's ok to try new things / higher weights and possibly also fail spectacularly. There's also no need to be groomed and on some days I literally look like I've jsut fallen out of bed, my reasoning - who cares - it's a gym not a party.

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