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Comparing Shared Hosting Vs VPS Hosting

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The performance of your website is very important in enhancing your business prospects and hence it’s important that you get an effective web-hosting plan when you start a website. Shared and VPS hosting are among the most popular and often talked about when it comes to hosting. We will take a short look about the pros and cons on the both of them.
 Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is a hosting plan best suited for startup ventures as it combines the benefit of reliable performance with affordable pricing. Multiple websites are hosted on a single server space and resources are shared among them. This is best for websites that aren’t expecting heavy traffic on the beginning stages. Storage space and bandwidth is also shared among multiple websites on the same server.
Heavy traffic on one website hosted on shared platform can adversely affect the performance of other websites hosted on the server. This happens because the resources are shared; they are engaged in providing for the needs of the website with traffic. Due to this, performance of other website deteriorates causing loss of business.
Advantages of shared hosting
This type of hosting comes with many benefits and provides for satisfactory performance.
Get started without huge expenditure
Reliable performance with low monthly charges
You can concentrate your finances on other business requirements
Active technical assistance in case of any issues with website performance
You can scale up your storage space according to your requirements
Sharing of resources is the main disadvantage of this type of hosting and this is the reason enterprises with significant traffic do not opt for this hosting. Other disadvantages are:
Traffic on one website has an adverse effect on the performance of other sites hosted on the server.
Insufficient support for various software that you need
Security risks due to many websites being hosted on single server space
You need to configure your own firewall for efficient performance
Website gives ill performance due to bandwidth issues
VPS hosting
This type of hosting is good for people who need special software on their website. Virtual servers are created on a single server in such a way that they act as separate entity. One website is hosted on one virtual server and every website has its own set of resources. No resource is shared between two websites so that the performance of one website is independent of the traffic of the other site.
Advantages of VPS hosting
Numerous advantages make VPS hosting a great option. It gives reliable website performance and helps entrepreneurs to install the software they want for enhancing customer experience.
The performance of your site is independent of the traffic on other sites
You can install many software as per your needs
Scale up your service package as per business need
Expert technical assistance for any issue
High website uptime for better customer experience
This type of plan requires a dedicated system administrator to take care of your independent server space.
The cost of this service is a bit more when compared to shared hosting plan
Certain software applications have performance issues with virtual environment
Cost of server maintenance is added to your hosting cost.
Web hosting is a crucial resource for every [...]
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