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Confessions of a Fat Boy (In His Own Words)

Posted By carolinestyling 1191 days ago on Fashion - I don't normally accept guest writers on this blog. I have so much to say that I don't see the point. Today is an exception. The hubby took it to mind to write down how after years of diet attempts, some good some bad his dos and don't. Currently, I am over the moon because this is probably one of the healthiest I've ever seen him. He is eating healthily, not indulging on stupid diet food products, he is going to the gym, he actually asks to go walking and best of all he doesn't seem to be in the least unhappy whilst doing it. This article might also give you a bit of an insight into why I call him the love of my life.So in his own words - here are his confessionsBy KURT PARIS - The hubbyJust as a little disclaimer or two.... This has absolutely nothing to do with my photography, I've been chubby or fat for the greater part of my life, I'm not a medical professional and even though I'm currently in the middle of a successful diet.. there is a strong possibility that I'll be fat again by the time it takes you to read this article. Having tried (possibly) every diet under the sun here are few things that I think will help.1. You're probably thirsty, not hungryMany times, as I snap back to reality - I find myself in the kitchen, surrounded by wrappers and other signs of larder carnage. Despite having clearly eaten to the point where I'm set (calorie-wise) for a month.... I'm still starving. A quick glass of water later, all is ok.. then my body realizes that it has to process what is essentially enough to feed a small nation and all sorts of ugly things start to happen... feeling full, regret, more regret .. but at least, the hunger would have gone.Long story short, have a glass of water or two when you get hunger pangs or before meals - they will make you feel fuller and may make the hunger go away entirely2. Feed your mind, not just your body.Eating to live? or living to eat? .. same words but a very big difference in meaning. The truth is that our bodies like pleasure, we all like things which make us happy and if (like me) you happen to be a foodie then .... meals have the potential to be the highlight of my day. The problem is, that like anything it's quite easy to get addicted to this feeling - and so there are times where it's important to have a healthy, nutritious meal... that's not the best tasting thing in the world. I found that this helps to decouple the pleasure from the food to a point where I am not blinded by the search for pleasure.3. Listen to your tummy.. and then add proteinI personally find that I'm fullest and happiest when I have a combination of meat or fish and some vegetables on the side. I love eggs, nuts and dried fruits (and cakes, and bakes and all other sweet stuff but let's not go there). If I stray from this path of meat and veg into carb-land I find that I'm hungry again more often then not.. and usually bloated.In cases when the carb cravings hit I've learnt to make dishes like quinoa or barley which can be then bulked up with lots of veg and some meat, nuts or egg for protein. This bit of protein is essential in keeping me full and happy :)4. ExerciseI'm not an active person. I spend most of my day working in front of a computer, I love playing computer games and a big part of photography is photo editing... Simply put, my computer chair has a Kurt-butt impression from many hours of use. An hour of gym, 3 days a week is painful enough that it makes it that little bit easier to say no to stuff like sweets/cake/chocolate that you are in contact with on a daily basis.5. Diets start now.Tomorrow never comes. If you are itching to start a diet, don't wait until a time where the stars align - if you find yourself with the will to start a diet, just start it there and then.6. Prepare for failure, keep healthy snacks handyIn computer software we are trained to over-engineer stuff and to handle cases where things we are doing break. In the same way, your resolve will falter and you will get nibbly at some point. No-one is perfect.Keep a stash of healthy stuff like Greek yoghurt, dried fruit or almonds which can make a quick sweet snack that can tide you over in a moment of weakness.7. Buy clothes that are too small for you. Don't wear them.As I grow further away from my ideal weight, I tend to lose the will to shop - especially when my size goes past XL. Call me vain if you will but I find it very hard to buy clothes in larger sizes since it forces me to admit just how fat I'd have become. This really doesn't tie in well with a wife who's a shopaholic.If you are in a shop and there is something you like in a size that is a bit too small for you... buy it. Put it away and DON'T try to see if you fit into it every couple of days. If your diet goes well, after the initial loss you will need things to keep you motivated as you hit start to plateau... and there is nothing like discovering new "thin" clothing in your wardrobe that now fits. If your diet doesn't go well, take these things out of your wardrobe and put them into storage for a while.8. CheatBreaking #2 above on a semi regular basis, and doing so in a way that doesn't ruin your overall effort takes just a little bit of practice, but the truth is that cheating (on your diet) can be very good for you.First of all your aim here is to enjoy yourself... NOT to make up all the stuff you didn't eat in the past week (that's kinda the point of the diet...) So have a pizza, or a burger or sweets - but have a moderate amount and do so once in a day.. not all day :) Help compensate by being a bit extra careful the day before or after and this will prevent hits to your weight.9. Protein Shakes, Eggs, Chickpeas.One of the most common things for me was (and still is to a certain extent) skipping breakfast at home. After fighting with my alarm clocks  (yes, plural) and leaving the nirvana of my warm bed... I'm usually late and have to rush out of the house to beat the morning traffic. Fast forward a few hours and you have a very grumpy me who can't wait for lunchtime... when I will eat way more than I should just to fill the void left by my missing breakfast.Keeping a protein shake powder at work means that I can just grab a scoop, mix in some cold water.. and voila! happiness. At first, I was quite reluctant to use these protein shakes but I've grown to enjoy them and whilst they might not be as nutritious as something fresh (like my egg, chickpea and cumin frittata.. yum!) they are high in protein and keep me going until lunch.and lastly (I'm making this bigger! :D)10. DON'T WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAYYou body weight can fluctuate due to all sorts of things - water retention, tiredness, travelling (I find planes make me bloaty) and of course "processed food". The food that is in your body in various stages of digestion adds to your weight. If you eat a bit more than usual and then weigh yourself.. you're going to be heavier. If you weigh yourself every day you run the risk of not seeing the weight change - which will hit your motivation. Instead, pick a day mid week and weigh yourself every morning right after you wake up. Naked. (clothes add weight and have different weights). I personally weigh myself on a Wednesday - it's far enough from the weekend that any sins would have moved on and typically Monday and Tuesday tend to be days free of stuff happening.By KURT PARIS - The hubby

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