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Crisis Management 101: 6 Methods to Defuse a Disaster

Posted By livechat 1187 days ago on Blogging - The best way to tell if a business is reliable is to observe how they act when everything is falling apart.
And I’m talking end-of-the-world disaster here.
For an airline company like Jet Blue, it’s a huge ice storm hitting the East Coast, grounding well over 1,000 flights.
For a car manufacturer like Toyota or Ford, it’s a manufacturing mistake that forced the companies to recall hundreds of thousands cars.
For a software company like LiveChat, this can be a great many things. But one of the worst that can happen to us is the total interruption of our service. A complete blackout.
Imagine your company completely loses the ability to operate because it is being targeted by a group of criminals in a massive, coordinated attack.
It sounds scary, doesn’t it?
But it doesn’t have to be that scary and I will tell you why.
There are crisis management methods that can prepare you for the absolute worst. And without costing you an arm and a leg.
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