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Designer Brilliantly Explains Why 7-Eleven’s Symmetrically Flawed Logo Is Not A Design Error

Posted By fershid 2040 days ago on Design - If you’ve never noticed it before, 7-Eleven’s logo uses a mix of upper and lowercase letters (ELEVEn). Also, the ‘E’ doesn’t align with the top edge of the 7 and the center alignment of the logo is off. The design community is abuzz on this topic after a Reddit thread brought these capitalization and symmetrical imperfections to light.

So is this a design error, or is there more to it?

UK-based graphic designer Will Patterson, who specializes in logo design and brand identity, has come up with an interesting video that shows why 7-Eleven’s logo is “optically perfect” despite being symmetrically imperfect. Patterson shares 7 lessons he’s learnt from the 7-Eleven logo and why it’s okay to break design rules sometimes. Watch here.

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