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Family Corner : Maternity Wear

Posted By carolinestyling 1726 days ago on Fashion - Since I've never been pregnant myself, as I mentioned in this first post - which touched on the subject of maternity wear - my experience and knowledge is limited to what I've read and heard. From what I can make out however, dressing yourself when heavily pregnant is no mean task, especially in Malta - apparently here, the choice is really really limited.I think when you're pregnant, although comfort is of the utmost importance, looking and feeling good, can help you deal with your body changes a bit better. Every pregnancy is different, whilst some women battle water retention and high growth early within the term, others experience very little changes such that they actually get annoyed that as they put it 'they might look fat, not pregnant'. None the less, whilst the point at which it happens might differ, every pregnant women tends to grow to a size that requires maternity clothes. In Malta, two of my favourite shops that stock maternity wear are Kiabi and Debenhams - the former has a range of perfect essentials that are really designed with comfort in mind, the latter have such cute and pretty things, it's not the first time I've picked up something for myself without realising.One of the best wardrobe decisions you can make throughout this period, is to stick to a capsule wardrobe. There's no point in investing in too many pieces that you will only wear for a short period of time. Try and buy a small number of things that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. An ideal capsule wardrobe might consist of a pair of black trousers that look somewhat smart a couple of smart tops that have good stretching properties, a nice pair of jeans and some nice cardigans , especially the waterfall kind.It might also be a good idea to include one nice black dress (or dark blue if you hate wearing black to occasions), some different coloured polo necks if it's winter time and possibly a couple of jackets. If it's winter you might need a coat too. It might be the case that your own coats and jackets carry you well into nearly the end of your pregnancy so it does depend at what point in the year your term will end.If you're a fashion / clothes lover I also strongly suggest buying a few 'trendy' pieces to keep you happy - something like this adorable skater dress that's actually on sale  or this vintage inspired dress at modclothAnd for some style inspiration from the online world flick through the slideshow below

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