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Fitness Journey : An Update & BodyTec

Posted By carolinestyling 1296 days ago on Fashion - It's clear to me that I embarked on this journey at the hardest possible time in my life. Never have I needed to travel so much, never have I disrupted my routine so much, never have I needed exercise more. So whilst it was the hardest time, it was also the best possible time because it was really necessary. My trainers at MOVE have been monitoring me , they're very happy at my increasing fitness level. Apart of me initially was confused when they seemed pleased that I could do certain exercises on my last visit - but I used to exercise before I came here I almost said and then remembered how far I had fallen, that there were long periods without any visits to the gym and even when I went, I barely got anything done. I'm currently travelling frequently to Stockholm and whilst there going to the gym three times a week or waking up early to go for runs or hour - long walks. I still feel I have a long way to go to return to where I was about a year and a half ago, my diet for one is something I still need to work on, still trying to find that motivation to say no to the bad stuff and indulge in the good stuff. Hotel breakfasts with all the yummy white bread options are the biggest killers but for now that's not the most important thing. I started this trip as a way to feel fitter and to feel better about myself, back then I wasn't planning on travelling as much so the fact that I've managed in spite of it is something I want to feel proud of. So I'm focusing on that feel good vibe rather than the negative ones.When in Malta, I go to MOVE GYM about three times a week - my favourite exercise of the body tec one. There's something about being plugged into that machine with all those wires that makes me feel all high tech and super powered. It's also deceivingly easy, the soreness the next day is always a nasty surprise. This is just a 30-minute exercise session. I used to spend an hour at the gym and see less results, probably the best thing about the system at MOVE is that there's a trainer with you , tailoring each session specifically for you.I also did a 28-day plank challenge about a month ago and got to being able to hold a 4 minute plank which I was quite pleased with. Sadly haven't managed to keep up with the chore of daily 4-minute planks but I get them done on my gym visits.

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