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Forever Alone : The Home Alone Edition

Posted By ShiftyBelle 1123 days ago on Blogging - Oh Dear.Today I woke up in a fairly positive mood : I did not punch my pillow out of the bed nor flooded it with tears full of salt from yesterday's KFC binge take away. Full of this joyful spirit, I decided  to join a dating site catering for lonely people with mental illnesses. Hey, crazy people need to get laid too. As long as they don't end up laid in a coffin, that is.For once, I took my fingers to punch the keyboard with hopes and dreams, as opposed to grease and eczema.I filled in the mandatory 'I Am Sexy But Everyone Is In Denial' profile...clicked saved....and got searching......TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH:What The Fuck Man?*punches pillows and cries salty tears with added sugar from Nutella crumpets devoured this morning*

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