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Free Birth Chart Compatibility Explained by a Professional Astrologer

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In astrology, all people have their own birth chart.  Birth charts in astrology are created by using a person’s:

First Name (Can Include Last Name)
Date of Birth.
Time They Were Born.
Location of Birth.

Your success in love, spirituality, money, career and overall life will have everything to do with the time that you were born.  When creating your birth chart, the astrologer will look at the positions of the planets, sun and moon on the dates and times that you were born. 
Many astrologers refer to charts as being soul maps.  A soul map tells you that when the soul entered earth, it was meant to do something specific.  Astrology can pinpoint what the man or woman will be doing 5, 10 or 20 years from now.  The soul is a journey and every decision that you make has already been governed by the stars.  Even though you have “free will”, do you really have free will?
Its important to have trusted astrology software when trying to map out your specifics.  Astrology software will help you to see what you have already been through in the past and what may be coming up for you in the future. 
Birth charts can even tell you aspects about your family that you may or may not know.  The most famous astrologer of all time was Nostradamus.  He made predictions that are still being looked at today by modern day scientists.  A lot of his predictions have come to pass that were predicted in the 1500’s. 
Sun Sign
Your sun sign means that you can determine where the sun was exactly at the time of your birth.  The question is, “Where was the sun and planets during the time of your birth?”
The Sun sign represents your personality and who you are as a person.  It tells us more about the job that you will take on in life and the best skills that you have or can obtain in your life. 
As we begin to grow up in life from adolescents to adulthood, certain likes and dislikes begin to come out of us.  A boy or girl might say that they want to grow up to be a police officer or a lawyer.  They have certain desires that they are born with that make them want to do something.
Important Parts of Your Birth Chart

Primal Triad
Sun Sign
Moon Sign

The most important portion of your birth chart is the primal triad.  This tells us where the ascending moon, sun and moon were placed.  
Our moon sign predicts your emotions towards love and friendships. The moon can tell us what your deepest desires want. It can say if you are seeking marriage or simply dating.  Will you ever get married? Why were you divorced?  Will you ever find your true soulmate?  All these questions are answered in the moon.
Your ascendant tells the astrologer how the rest of the world perceives you.  Does the world look at you as being someone that is strong and courageous or weak minded?  How the world perceives you is important because it lets you know your level of success in the world that we live in. If someone sees you as being lazy, they may not want to do business with you.
Important Fact About Birth Charts –

There are 12 zodiac signs.
There are 12 astrological houses.

What is a birth chart calculator?
On many websites, there are birth chart calculators. These calculators allow you to put in your birth date and time that you were born in order to give you a prediction about love or money. 
The birth chart calculator will tell you where Mars and Mercury were at the time of your birth. It will tell you what your personality will be like as well.
Birth charts are also referred to as being natal charts.  These natal charts tell you the A to Z to your life.  Everyone has a past, present and future in astrology. 

A birth chart calculator is often used when someone feels like they need to know something about their love life or career. You may be wondering what the “universe” has to say about your future. In astrology, this is all based on the stars and the moon. 
If you consult with a psychic reader online, they can often do a free birth chart for you. This is often found in chat rooms where psychics do readings for fun.  Everyone doesn’t always get a free birth chart with a reader. If you happen to find an astrologer that is willing to do this for you, then consider yourself to be extremely lucky. 
Everyone has a zodiac chart that they can look at from time to time.  Many astrologers suggest that you get a new astrology chart once a year to see if there have been any shifts in your chart.  You may be surprised to find out that a shift can happen if you make a sudden move or change. Sometimes you will do something unexpectedly and you will throw your astrology chart off.  You may be working a job that pays you well.  You get great benefits and suddenly, you decide to just quit. This can happen from time to time. When this happens, your chart is going to be altered.
An astrology birth chart can be formed by yourself as well. You need to find astrology books that cover this topic and find out what he stars, and planet Venus are saying about you. In this way, you begin to learn more about yourself and what the future has in store for you. 
All 12 zodiac signs have birth chart compatibility.  You often find this compatibility when you try and learn more about your love life. You will find that a Scorpio is best matched with a Pisces and an Aquarius is best matched with a Leo. 
There are many mysteries in our birth charts because the stars have made it this way. Did you know that most compatibility charts are constructed by astrologers that have less than 2 years of experience giving astrology readings? 
Your horoscope
Everyone has a horoscope that foretells the future.  The more specific your question is, the better. You will find that your horoscope is best constructed when you put your own mind and intention behind it.  You will find that your inner psychic intuition forms your final outcomes. Horoscopes are written for the general population in mind. However, to get more specific with your horoscope, you are going to have to chart it out using your date of birth. 
Believe it or not, there was a plan for your life before you came into existence?  How do I know this? Its because astrology will tell you what the future will hold for your life. It knows every move that you will make and all the twists and turns that you will take on in life. You will come to find that astrology helps you to see the future for what it is.  You will never know exactly what the future is until you have looked at your birth chart. 
Millions of people around the world have curiosity about their zodiac sign. I can’t blame you because 10 years ago I started to research mine. I couldn’t believe that everything that I was learning about my zodiac sign was true. It was who I was.
I even took a personality test to see if it could predict who I was as a person.  Yes, you can say that it predicted by personality accurately.  It was called the Myers Briggs personality test. After answering a series of questions, it told me that I was an introvert and a feeler.  That was true because I have always been psychic. When someone asks me a question about them, I often have answers that I pick up through clairvoyance.
When Should You Start Using Your Birth Chart?
You should begin using your astrology birth chart as early as possible. Many children have the luxury of having parents that are “new agers” or astrologers. This means that the parents are open to astrology and how it can benefit their child’s life. 
Astrology is a part of life that most people don’t know much about if they are not into the new age movement.  During the 20th century, many people began to take an interest in astrology and psychics. It helped people to see their own impact on the world and how astrology can be used to help them in their life. 
Over the years, the 21st century has allowed us to see that the world around us speaks. There is a spirit world that is always looking at us and trying to give us what we need to find the answers in which we seek.  You can always rely on astrology to see the path that is set before you.
Sometimes you can construct your birth chart with friends.  Friends often help us to see something about ourselves that we did not see before. The beauty of this is that our friends will often tell us that they see something in our lives that we might have missed. 
Can You Do a Birth Chart on Your Pet?
Yes, dogs, cats, reptiles and all other pets have a chart that can be created for them. For this, you will need to know your pet’s exact day and time of birth.  Everything that has the breath of life has a chart. 
I once did a birth chart on my dog Bo.  He was a Labrador retriever that had the funniest spin when I gave him a treat. When I would give him a piece of beef jerky, he would always do a twirl.  I owned 3 other dogs before him and that never happened. I wondered if Bo had something in his birth chart that said he was going to be excited about beef jerky. 
After constructing his birth chart, I realized that Bo had a connection in the spirit world for showing his personality 10x more than the average do that was born during his specific date and time. I was shocked because I realized how unique Bo was.  The planet Jupiter told me that he was going to do this for 10 years of his life and then suddenly stop at age 12. 
I did notice that on his 12th birthday, I did not see Bo making the same twirl anymore.  The birth chart told me it was because he was reaching spiritual maturity and would now expect certain things to just come to him.  The excitement of the beef jerky would no longer be necessary since Bo was to focus his attention on helping people. 
This energy shift helped me to realize that I was meant to get Bo into a dog working job in which he was supposed to be around people that needed some cheering up. 
I registered Bo as a service dog and began taking him into hospitals.  When anyone saw Bo, they would run up to him and start petting him. Bo would cheerfully respond to them with his tail wagging and making people smile.
I realized that his life was not supposed to be geared towards helping people to feel better.  I saw a bright light around Bo.  Everyone that he came across was someone that was hurting and in need of help.  I realized that Bo entered a state of happiness because he wanted to desperately be around people that needed to find a purpose for living. 
Many animals today are being used for helping human beings to be happier.  Most men and women today say that its their pet friends that help them to get through some of their darkest moments in life. It is good to know that pets have a birth chart like humans do.  These birth charts help us to see that the living beings in this world all have a plan and a purpose. 

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