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Gaming: 15 Minutes Of Footage From Metal Gear Survive

Posted By themoviesleuth 820 days ago on Movies - Fifteen minutes of footage has been made available (via IGN) of the upcoming game Metal Gear Survive, just off of its appearance at the Tokyo Game Show.Basically it looks like a zombie version of Metal Gear Solid. I am admittedly not a gaming geek, so I sought out some insight regarding this release from one of our local gaming experts. Michelle Kisner gave the following thoughts on this version  of Metal Gear, she said "For Metal Gear fans such as myself, we are mostly disappointed in this. Hideo Kojima is no longer a part of the franchise and this is just Konami trying to make a quick buck off of the name of it. It's pretty much the opposite of what the franchise stands for. It looks like Zombies DLC that Call of Duty has, to be honest. I haven't seen too many people excited for it."Kojima even expressed his dissatisfaction with the product, stating that "The Metal Gear games are about political fiction and espionage, where do zombies fit in with that." Check out the footage below. So, what are your thoughts?Share this zombie loving gaming news.

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