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Hey, it's okay Tuesday: I'm feeling like a female failure!

Posted By Laura 1771 days ago on Blogging - Happy Tuesday!   It's time for "Hey, it's okay Tuesday" the hop where I get to share all the things that are OKAY with me even if they aren't "normal".   Here is what's okay with me:Be sure to link up with Amber With Airing my Dirty Laundry above It's Okay:* Every night I go out and spend some QT with my chickens.   They are very entertaining, believe it or not and my hubs and I just sit out there with them and watch and sometimes one will come up to us and let us 'Chicken Cuddle'.* I spent several minutes this morning figuring out when we will have fresh eggs from our little ladies.  Have you seen the price of eggs?  * That I laugh that sad sort of laugh when the news, Twitter,  and talk radio start all getting upset that Whataburger won't be selling breakfast at 11pm anymore because of the egg shortage.   Really?  There are people who lost their homes and lives in the flooding in Texas and people are freaking out about not being able to get taquitos until 5am.  It isn't hard to scramble eggs, add some cheese and a slice of bacon or crumbled sausage and boom, you have  your own breakfast taquito.  You can even make them ahead and eat them all week.   There are bigger problems in the world than no Blue Bell ice cream and no Whataburger taquitos.  (Don't worry, I will pin some recipes tomorrow on the blog for those very confused.)Vanity Fair Cover * I am super jealous that Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner looks better in a dress than I do.  Is it wrong for me to think (s)he does sexy female better than me?  Will I get the benefits she got if I take female hormones?  It might be worth a shot!  I am really feeling like a failure on the female side.  I mean, I understand that there is surgery, hormones, and a lot of make-up involved in but gosh she is in her 60's and looks better than I do at 44.  Time to hit the gym and really eat right.  I still won't look sexy but at least I won't feel like a blob. * I am currently obsessed with Peppermint Essential Oil.  A friend Janetta (who sells for Young Living) sent me a sample months ago for my headaches.  I didn't believe so it sat on my bathroom counter for, well, ever.  I had the worst headache last week and nothing was working.  Not my OTC pain killers and not my prescription medication.   I figured I would try the oil because it sure couldn't hurt.   I swear to you, my headache went away in the time it took me to lay down and take a 45 minute nap.  Since then I have been adding a drop to my water bottle in the morning to ease stomach pain, had my step-kiddo take it when her tummy hurt and I ordered some oils.  My friend sent me a Young Living reference book so I am excited to learn more. **** A note: don't consume oil unless you know it is quality.  I researched it and most oils are not fit to consume. Also, obviously I am not a medical doctor so this is my experience only. * I still haven't picked up a paint brush and put it to a piece of furniture in weeks.  It finally stopped raining so maybe I can get a little done Sunday.   I have 4 pieces that need some attention.  Also, sadly, I have a house full of my stuff that could use some sprucing up.* My hubs, who calls me the social media queen, is on something called Periscope and I have no idea what it is or why I need it.  Has anyone used this?  Is it amazing?  Am I missing out on a life changing part of social media?  *I don't think I have time for more social media.  I really don't have time for the social media I have.  *I started giving my Wednesday blogs 'Friends' type titles and I don't think anyone noticed, or cares. Remember how "Friends' always had titles "The one with...."  That's my Wednesday blog.  Speaking of my Wednesday hop, I am shamelessly begging y'all to join in!  Alright that's what's okay with me today.  I promise since I ranted about Taquitos I will have some recipes pinned on my blog tomorrow so all you Whataburger freaks can make them yourself.  I mean, if you can scramble and egg.  If you can't scramble an egg, I am sorry, there isn't any hope for you in the kitchen.Shameless Plug/Reminder and cry for Co-Hosts! A special reminder!  My blog hop "What I'm Loving and Have a Pinteresting Wednesday" will be up at 9pm Central tonight.  Please consider joining me and sharing all the things you are loving and/or pinning this week.   Also, if anyone is interested in co-hosting this hop please send me a message.  I really would love to share and grow this hop.  (I don't have a fancy code because I haven't figured coding out yet.  Just a button.  I know, I suck.)Blog will post at 9pm Central so you can join the hopEnjoy the Ride!


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