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How Do I Get Well Holistically? The difference between standard and holistic medicine? What are your blocks to healing?

Posted By KateFreer 43 days ago on Health -  If you are reading this blog, you need answers to your health crisis.  There is no magic wand I can offer you. There is no pill to bring back your health in a few days. I wish I could do that.  Healing comes through you and the great healer, God above.  Healing comes from changes we make in our mind, our body, our soul and steps along the way.  It takes faith and commitment from you each step of your journey. It may take days, weeks, months or years. Going to a holistic doctor can speed up the process and get you on the path to health sooner. Even he can only guide you, not force you into the life style changes you need to make in your daily habits.You are the only who can stop what is going into your mouth that is causing health issues. A doctor can give you exercises to do but it is you who must do them on a daily basis. What does getting well holistically mean? How is this different from the way Standard medicine works?   It means getting to the cause of the problem such as headaches.  A standard medicine doctor will give you medicine for your headaches without taking time to try and find out why you are having headaches. He addresses the symptoms, rather than solve the base problem. It takes time to ask you questions, look at a diary on when the headaches occur.  With modern insurance a doctor is given about 15 minutes to see you and give you his advise. You fill out 10 pages of paperwork but he has no time to look at it before he sees you. There are exceptions to this but that is the experience most of you will have seeing a standard medicine doctor. He often does not listen to you either. You are the one who lives in your body and knows when it is not working as it should.  Medicines do not generally do anything about the main cause. They simply stop the pain or address a symptom. In some cases that is important if you having severe pain but they medicines are also addicting and cause other side effects often equally as upsetting. Unless your symptoms become severe such as passing out or being unable to walk, they often will not order tests or labs unless it is a yearly physical. Standard medicine deals with medicine and surgery in this country. If you were seeing a doctor in Asia, they are more likely to treat you more as a holistic doctor. How a holistic doctor works with patients is quite different.  Holistic medicine works on the person as a whole including evaluating stress and lifestyle patterns. As an example is depression which causes both mental and physical symptoms and can come from many causes.  A standard doctor will give out depression medication often without asking questions. They do not spend time looking for the cause of your depression.  Even professional standard medicine counselors do not look at the patients lifestyle or diet to see if those factors are in part at least making the depression worse. Many of them only look at your relationships  or relationship history. They miss the physical causes such as diet or life style.If you go to a herbalist or doctor who is educated in holistic medicine, you will first fill out a form that asks detailed information about family history, your diet, your health habits, your exercise habits, details about when your symptoms began and what you have done to try and solve the problem already.  He first actually reads the papers you submitted. He then asks you for more information about what you have put on those questionnaires. He then lets you tell him about what you are experiencing and he asks more questions.  He then may order lab tests, but knows lab tests only diagnose disease in the end stages. They do not show the body as it is becoming imbalanced and disrupted in its ability to function. Tests are only one tool he uses. the tests he orders may be to see if you are deficient in Vit D, Vitamin C or B-12. He may examine your eyes, your tongue, your nails or use muscle testing to determine if you might have deficiencies or toxicity in your home or work environment.  He searches for the signs your body is giving out that it needs help before it becomes a disease.  After doing all this above, he may give you supplements or herbal formulas to aid and support the body to cleanse, heal, or detoxify your body.  His main purpose is to get to the main cause or the imbalance causing the symptoms.  If you have relationship problems he will send you perhaps to a NLP counselor or professional counselor that treats not with medicine but with certain therapies that help you to deal with your stress and life. This is the difference between holistic medicine and standard medicine. The problem is most insurance does not cover the cost of holistic medicine so this is out of reach for the majority of patients. This then causes many patients to have to deal with their health problems by themselves since most have been to standard doctors already and have found no relief.  So for you who are trying to get well not having the help of a holistic minded doctor, this is some of the steps you need to look at to get well.Blocks to healing mean looking at all areas of your life from mental stress to eating and lifestyle habits. You can get your own blood tests done at a lab if your doctor or insurance won't order them.  Step # 1 to getting well is looking at your blocks to healing.  This takes courage but needs to be done first. Blocks to Healing Grief is one of the emotions that disrupt health including the immune system. This is the gravestone of my husbands father who I took care of for 3 years.  When he died, the grief was deep even though he was in a better place. Grief is hard on the mind, body, and heart. After taking care of him for 24 hours a day in the last weeks of his life, it hit me far more than the death of my own father who I was not close to.  He was a commander whose motto was "I did it my way." We put this on the gravestone. He was known for "What part of NO don't you understand?". He was a pistol, a pro golfer, and a pain but he was loved deeply. Grief is one of the roadblocks to healing.It was early in the 1970's that I became an herbalist taking courses and wanting to heal all in my path. I soon realized that many of the people who came to me had serious blocks to healing.  I remember one lady who was morbidly obese who deeply hated who she was after being abused as a child and later by a husband.  I realized that without healing in her deep wounded soul, she could not lose weight or be healed.  There was a gambler who wanted me to help his memory but he was an alcoholic who was in bad shape. I realized that my background in herbs would and could not help them with these deep problems. I referred them to professional counselors. There was a nurse friend of mine who was obese who finally told me her father subjected her to being in porn movies. She ate to deal with the pain from those memories. Blocks to healing may be emotional pain such as anger, fear, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, spouse abuse, drugs, addictions, unhealthy eating and lifestyle, obesity, and it goes on.  Abortions are another one that is stuffed down that causes healing blocks. Are you willing to dig these up from your past? Are you willing to deal with these issues, the pain, the memories, the events and people who have caused you grief that you have not dealt with?  Are you ready to make the decision to let these go...release them?  Can you think about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not for their sake but for you so that you can be healthy. What you stuff down will rear its ugly head sooner or later with illness and pain. Like a splinter that is still buried, it is still down there, but you forget it until pus and pain drive you to the doctor to dig it out.There is a story of a woman who was told she had breast cancer. Instead of therapy, she went and rented a cabin in a beautiful area for a month. She knew that she had a lot she needed to deal with.  In that month she saw no one. She spent time looking at those people and events that had wounded her heart and soul. She cried, she screamed, and she talked to God.  Through this, she was able to forgive those that had hurt her and let the pain go. When she went back to the doctors for a followup, her cancer was gone.  This is a true story.    Anger, hatred, un-forgiveness, grief, negative emotions effect you mentally and physically. These negative emotions poison your whole body causing disruption in your immune system, your endocrine system, your digestive system, and your whole body.  That is why often after the death of a spouse, the one left gets cancer and dies within a year or two.  Often cancer is a result of these negative emotions held down and buried. You may have genetics for cancer but your mental and heart health, your lifestyle, your eating habits, your life health habits are more the cause of cancer than genetics.This blog is from experience. I do know how hard it is to dig up what is hurting your heart and soul. There is a profound release to doing this and letting these things go.  So I will leave this blog at this point for now.  Think about this and how wonderful it would feel to be released from your past pain.God bless you. Herbally Yours, Kate Freer, the HerbladyisinPlease visit for alternative medicine articles and research.


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