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How to Create Landing Pages that Make Money

Posted By erikemanuelli on Make Money - An effective landing page is the strength of any online marketing campaign. It is therefore imperative to study and test it with the utmost care. Otherwise, potential customers will not perform the action for which the page was designed. But how do you create a landing page that can sell and make money? In other […]




Very informative post! As a blogger or any website owner for that matter, the landing page should be a vital part of their marketing strategy. The readers are already overwhelmed with so much stuff being thrown at them and the landing page minimizes that by providing "what's in it for me" information to the reader.

These days you do not even have to know html to construct an awesome landing page. There are numerous programs that do all the work for you. Your points are spot on in regards to how to construct a landing page that converts. You are right you also have to test and track. I personally use A/B testing on all of my pages to see which one is converting the best. Without tracking you really are shooting in the dark.

Great post. Thank you for sharing.

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