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How to Promote Your Blog and Get More Traffic

Posted By Suprabhat on Blogging - After you have created your money making blog posts now it is the time to promote your blog and drive more quality traffic to it. As a newbie i know it is really hard to drive traffic but a blogger with perfect strategies can drive 1000+ visitors a day. So in this post i will tell you steps which i follow daily to drive more traffic to new blog.



First again Suprabhat thanks for mentioning Blog Engage it really means a lot to us. I think the biggest aspect you mentioned is dedication.If we cannot be dedicated to our blog then we have no chance at making it popular. We have to be dedicated to writing new posts, upgrading software, engaging with our readers and providing quality content.


I always mention it on my blog because i love it services new people. It helped me to interact with your blogging community in learning new things there are so many things i can do here.

Dedication and patience is the must have quality for bloggers


You`re right! I like to get traffic from blogging community. It is a nice way to get real traffic that convert. And like you said, we have to be patient to build a community around our blog as well!


Thanks @Stachart for commenting really one need some patience to get success in blogging it is not a one day business success for making money.

Blogging took some time to build authority

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