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Improve WordPress SEO: 11 Tips to Boost Website Rankings

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - 11 Ways To Increase & Boost WordPress Website SEO Rankings In this article we are going to summarize some of the best practices for increase website rankings and improve WordPress SEO. If we want to get more attention to ourselves, we dress to kill. We put on breathtaking clothes and spend hours in front of the mirror, polishing up every little detail until our nicks hurt. Now, we are sure that all eyes are on us, or rather, we got the views! In the digital online world, however, to get more attention and views, websites should be sported with the latest tools – and not just on the outside. Incorporating this concept opens up the gates to increase website rankings by popular search engines like Google. When the ranking of a website goes up, it starts to pop up on the top of the search-result pages (SERP). As a result, the site brings in more visitors, and with them, more views, sales, and revenue follow. And who doesn’t dream at night for a better tomorrow? Now that the importance of SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is evident, what should one do to increase website ranking? Are there special hidden tips and tricks to ranking up a website? Previously, we covered some essential methods to boost Google ranking, but today, we want to take it deeper. The Importance of SEO As mentioned above, the understanding of SEO to a website owner feels like discovering the last clue piece in the quest of finding the long-lost city of Atlantis to a treasure hunter with a slight difference; SEO is REAL. SEO-optimized websites enjoy a lot of attention and other benefits, to no-one’s shock, because they get more eyes fixed on them. Although they may sound like a double-sided blade, the truth is...

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