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#MashupMonday April Showers

Posted By ayieta 1140 days ago on Health - I know I've been away for awhile, my master's degree coursework is taking up quite a bit more of my time than I thought it would, very different from undergrad.  But I am still appreciating the awesomeness of the bath and body world.  So, I thought I'd share with you a small post I put on Facebook, which happened to be a bit of a #mashupmonday.  So enjoy, for those who did not see it on Facebook.  I've got a little something else for you today as well...  See the Facebook post hereThis Saturday, April 9th was a dreary, rainy, cold day. IT'S APRIL, I need some sun or at least weather above 60 degrees ~ sheesh! So as I prepared to go out and be slapped in the face by mother nature's not at all funny joke of an April weekend, I decided to change up my shower game. Instead of something sweet or earthy, I decided to pull out this box of beautiful rustic soaps by Sunlit Soap. Jan really does make awesome works of art over there. Her soap is so beautiful, it is hard to use. But when you use it, it is hard not to want more!So I pull out the Mint Tea Mud and commence to latherization (I don't care what that red underline says, it is a word!). First, let me say that these soaps are bigger in person and the shape fits comfortably in your hand as you use the flat bottom to lather. The lather is amazing and the minty goodness was just the tingle I needed to face the nasty day. (Beware, this minty tingle is not advised for your sensitive area). I then paired it with the lavender citrus infused oil gelee** that I made myself. The thick oil, smoothed on easily and helped to lock moisture in all day and the light citrus lavender minty essence was an amazing combination!So I guess I just wrote up a quick ‪#‎MashupMonday‬ post, lol. What can I say, I do it ‪#‎4theloveofbubbles‬Visit Sunlit Soap on EtsyVisit Sunlit Soap on FacebookVisit Sunlit Soap on Instagram*all images appear courtesy of Sunlit Soap  **What is this oil gelee that I speak of?  It is a thickened body oil I made to use and a hair and body moisture sealant.  As requested by some in a group on Facebook, I made some available for purchase.  To learn more, look for the sale post in the Handmade Soap & Beauty Lovers Shop & Swap Facebook group (you must be a member to see the post).Until next time, LovebudsPeace, Love & Loads of awesome bubbles!

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