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Meet The Blogger: Meet Millie Of The Nail Smith

Posted By Thesupergirl 978 days ago on Beauty - It's Tuesday so you all know what that mean"drumroll please"It's time for Meet The Blogger!!!!!!!Today's Blogger is Millie fromThe Nail SmithWhat made you start a blog?I started my blog because as I grew to love doing nail art, my friends encouraged me to share my creations with the world. First I was just on Tumblr, but now I have a Blogspot account, an Instagram, and a Facebook page as well!How long have you been blogging?I started doing nail art as a hobby when I was a sophomore in college (2011) and started my first blog on Tumblr in mid-2012. What makes your blog unique? I like to think I have a fairly classy but quirky style. I do everything from stamping nail art to freehand, from super sparkly and bright to vampy and moody. So chances are if one of my posts isn't to your liking, the next one might be! I've got a little something for everyone!What's your favorite part to having a blog?My favorite part of having a blog is being able to express my creativity to a larger audience. Sure, I might not have many followers, but every little comment or like lets me know that that person took a moment out of their day to appreciate what I've done. And I think that is pretty special.Have you ever reviewed a product that has become something you use all the time?Yes! I had never used water decals before I was sent some by Born Pretty Store to review last year. Now I have a huge collection of them and they're so easy to use that I think everyone should have some in their nail art supplies!What would you say is the downside of blogging?I guess the biggest downside or difficulty with blogging for me is finding the time. There are some lucky people who blog as a full-time job, but the rest of us usually have to squeeze it into our free-time. For me, the entire process of taking pictures, editing them (for cropping and color accuracy, at the most), and writing the post itself takes at least 3 hours minimum, and that doesn't include doing the nail art itself! But I still love doing it and try to make time to post at least once a week.Do you have a least favorite post?I would have to say that these opal nails I tried to do ( are by far my least favorite ones that I shared. Even after redoing them like 3 times, they still never turned out like I wanted and I ended up taking them off immediately after taking pictures of them!What is something you have to have while writing a blog post? Examples music, watching netflicks, drinking tea ect.One thing I have to have while I'm writing posts or editing pictures is some good music (thanks, Spotify!). I get too distracted by visual things like Netflix or YouTube so I just stick to some relaxing instrumental music while I'm writing. Do you think your blog has changed over the years?I think my blog has definitely grown since I started. I feel more comfortable posting only what I want to post and not just whatever is popular. And I think the quality of my photography and my writing have both greatly improved, even in the last year alone. Are you married? Do you have any kids and/or pets?I'm not married but I have a wonderful boyfriend who lives a few hours away from me. I currently have two pets. One is a red-ear slider turtle named Schnappy, whom I've had since junior high. And his tankmate, Lunch, a feeder fish that started out about 1.5" long and is now a monstrous 4.5" long! It's a strange relationship, but I guess it works for them!Any advice for new bloggers?My advice for new bloggers is this: Don't worry about what other people think. Post about what makes YOU happy. Otherwise it becomes a chore to blog and that's just no fun at all!. Blog .FacebookInstagramPinterest Tumblr

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