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My Fitness Journey Continues

Posted By carolinestyling 1272 days ago on Fashion - It's already been almost weeks since I started this programme and whilst I still haven't completely regained that feeling of 'yesss it's gym time' (yes I have had this many times in the past), I'm getting there. The biggest upset to this project is that I'm currently spending a few weeks in Stockholm which means I had to find alternative means of exercise. I'll be writing about what I'm doing in Stockholm next week - this week it's the previous update from Malta.A friend and reader told me that I must learn how to take care of all aspects of my body, how to rest when I need to and to stop over doing it. She's very right. Infact, I left out something in the last update - at once, I tried to overtrain, to do two different sessions in one sitting. I was hit by an extreme case of sore muscles that made me feel less energetic and drained. I was told off at the next session by my trainer. In the past, I've injured myself by overtraining many, many times, if that happened again now where would it leave me ? Beyond square one that's where. This is probably my biggest character flaw. I try to be God. None of us are meant to be gods, we are meant to be humans with limitations, flaws and imperfections and I need to learn to accept that. So back to MOVE gym and this time I'm going to go into some detail about the bodytec system they've got. Bodytec is known as Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training - it is a full body workout in which up to 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously. Basically, you are hooked up to a machine during training and the machine stimulates all the different muscle groups as you exercise. The training must be done with a trainer. In my case, the exercises my trainer gives me are mainly designed for lower body toning but the rest of my body is being worked anyway.The workout is intense, it hit me a bit hard actually, the exercises themselves were all doable, some I might even have found easy but when hooked up to this device, it felt as though I was pushing steel at times. I'm going to be doing this once a week and I have a feeling it isn't going to get any easier.

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