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My Fitness Journey : Power Plate Training

Posted By carolinestyling 1394 days ago on Fashion - Sooo the good news is that I;m still on track in terms of exercise and I'm seeing my body get more and more toned. The bad news is that 3 weeks in Stockholm did my diet absolutely no favours. I did manage to continue exercising in Stockholm, my trainers prescribed a set of bum and thighs targeted exercises that I would do as a circuit and repeat three times. I also ran up and down stairs multiple times, jogged and skipped and walked everywhere. I avoided using any sort of public transport as much as possible and simply walked. It didn't rain that often luckily, it was cold but not really rainy. I've been back for a week and my sessions at MOVE have resumed thankfully, unfortunately they will have to pause again during fashion week next week but at least there isn't that much time to eat there.Whilst in Stockholm, I did try to make healthy choices but in a city with all those food options and away from my beloved PlanH it was hard to keep my diet on track, I ate more than I should have in total. I didn't put on weight but with all the walking, had I eaten properly I would have lost some probably. Writing these posts are honestly a big help in motivating me, maybe it's akin to when you're on a diet plan with a beautician and they weight you each week - I come here and tell you all about my sins.My training at MOVE is being specifically targeted for my middle area mainly. This means that I am focusing on working the bum, thighs, and abdominal muscles. Carmen in particular, is works me out to the point of failure and I'm really not a quitter but this week during a Power Plate session, I couldn't complete one of the exercises. If you're not familiar with Power Plate training - this is a vibrating machine that creates an unstable surface thereby stimulating your muscles. It makes bodyweight exercises more effective. In terms of the exercises, it's what you would usually do - I do squats, planks, crunches, lunges, more squats, leg lifts did squats, lunges, press-ups and even some weights. The strength of the vibrations and the duration of each exercise is set by my trainer each time. I had a session yesterday..I'm having trouble walking up stairs now...but who needs to walk up stairs ...stairs are overrated. In terms of progress, I feel much fitter and more energised, I've begun to fall in love with exercise once again and I'm not seeing it as something extra anymore. The fact that the sessions only last 30 minutes helps a lot. My stomach is back to looking toned, the upper abs have really taken on their formation once again so I'm really pleased. It might be wishful thinking but I think I am seeing more toning on my bum and legs, the hubby commented that my bum looked smaller so I'm going with that.

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