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My fitness Journey Update

Posted By carolinestyling 1414 days ago on Fashion - Last week I wrote about, ok poured out my feelings about my decision to start 'a fitness journey. I asked you all to support me on this new journey and so many of you messaged with encouragement - I felt really motivated. So a big heartfelt thank to everyone. A lot of you also wished to know more about what exactly I was doing and where so as promised I'll be getting into a bit of detail on the update posts.I joined this gym MOVE (Ta'Xbiex or Smart City), founded by athlete Xandru Grech. It differs from a normal gym in that it basically employs different techniques to maximise your workout in as short a time as possible. There are three forms of exercise systems. Miha BodyTec, Power Plate and Circle by Milon. The last one was my first introductory session. 8 different machines are set in a circle and designed to be used only in a circuit, circular manner. The machines are programmable and are a mix of cardio and weight machines similar to those found in a traditional gym, except that they're different. On your first visit, you're given a chip card, this has all your stats and the trainer will visit each machine with you and program it such that your optimal position and choice of weight is now saved. The next time you use this machine, you can simply insert your card, the bench moves into position, and the weight is adjusted automatically. The duration of the workout on each of the 6 weight machines is 1 minute for the weight machines and 4 minutes are spent on the two the cardio machines. There is a break of 30 seconds in between each machine. The whole circuit should be done twice. So very speedy indeed.So now for my update. It's actually going really well, in the first week I did a circuit session, a power plate session and a body tec session - will be going into detail on the last two techniques in subsequent posts. They're actually all quite killer workouts. I know I'm still not as fit as I used to be but I was still not expecting to feel quite so tired after each workout or to be quite so sore on the days after. Whilst I also wish I could say that I am waking up excited each morning to go and arrive bouncing with energy, the truth is it is a mix, there is some excitement but there are many days where I really wished to simply remain in bed and sleep that extra hour. Last week someone asked me how I would be monitoring my fitness progress. Truth be told, I think I haven't set an exact target. The circuit system keeps a running stat record of your workouts so it will be easy enough to monitor my performance from week to week. However, I also wish to see some aesthetic changes - more defined abs, leaner legs and possibly more energy, less soreness after workouts. I think I can already see a slight difference in the amount of ab definition, maybe I'm dreaming, maybe not. Either way, I'm happy I managed my 3-times per week goal.As regards other journey elements like diet, getting enough sleep etc...that's still a bit of a struggle. There are simply too many parties and events in Summer and I like to have fun.. and I also still continue to be too busy. So there's still lots of room for improvement on that front but I do believe that it is all about balance really. I don't think I can ever be that girl who never eats chocolate and bread...I just want to be that person who eats less of it :P.On that note, thanks for all the support, will update again next week.

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