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My Thoughts On Smartphones This Year

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Most of us have one, two or three smartphones that we use everyday. Many of us are addicted to these push button phone as my father once told me. And for great reason. With all the latest advancement in technology and the many things that smartphones can do for us, it’s really a remarkable product if you step back and think about it for a moment. From the iPhones to the Galaxy line of devices, it can be hard for someone to pick the mobile handset they will be carrying for the next two or more years.
So what’s my problem? Well, when I think about it really, the smartphone in the past recent years hasn’t seen any real innovation like it once did. It seems like the market has hit a plateau, and major manufacturers are taking to wearable technologies because everyone says it will be the next big thing. I’m not sold on smart watches. Activity trackers are great and Google Glass would be nice, but I’m not rushing to get those yet, except for my Fitbit that I hardly wear anymore. Apple’s 64-bit architecture and Touch ID are great, but I can get by without those features easily.
New devices that have come out this year are very exciting to say the least, but in all reality smartphones from 2012 which are considered ancient by today’s standard can do basically everything that top-tier devices can do.
I stopped and considered to go back to my Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a great device, with tons of features that I never use, so I turn them off just to save battery life. I put my M8 down and back in the box and started using my S4 as my daily driver. Except for dual front facing speakers, this phone has all the things I need and I’m really enjoying myself with it. It has a great display and is comfortable to hold.  Even my S3 and HTC One X would do just fine today, except for I cracked the screens on both by not having a case on, so they are a no go.
What I’m getting at, is why do we always have to have the latest and greatest now? I’m guilty of it surely But manufactures are partly to blame as well. They hype of the next generation of smartphones and tell us why we need them in our lives. Phones that where once hot, and no longer are still a viable option in 2014 and into 2015. If I can make calls, texts, surf the web, YouTube and email to my heart’s content on older generation devices, why do I need something like the Moto Nexus 6?
Sure the HTC One M8 is arguably one of the best made Android devices and Samsung’s line of phones have the most feature pack abilities of any vendor. Take a look at the fantastic display of the LG G3, and the high-end specs at a budget priced onePlus One and it’s easy to see [...]
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