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New Horror Releases: Sally's Escape From Hell - A Texas Chainsaw Fan Film (2016) - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 1145 days ago on Movies - This is something we've never done before. We've never treaded down the path of reviewing a fan film. There is no reason why. And we should start considering reviewing more because they've come an extremely long way over the last few years. With the Youtube and streaming markets becoming much more viable, people are becoming more able and much more ready to accept fan films as a valued form of entertainment that fills a large hole left by dead franchises or series that have gone by the wayside. This is the case with Texas Chainsaw. Despite a huge viewer base and fans craving more from their Leatherface movies, the last couple films have not really been up to snuff. So, can this short film fill a void that will satisfy our taste for human carnage? The answer is a resounding yes.Now this is a Leatherface recreation I can believe in. Sally's Escape From Hell is the shining example of what a fan's love can do for a meandering horror franchise. Creator Gus Trapani shows his undying love and a superfluous amount of detail in this ten minute tribute to the flesh eating Sawyer family. Starting off with rabid, skin curling screams, a bit of that good old Texas Chainsaw dark humor, and that muddy orange toned hue that's imprinted all over the original movie, this is probably the closest thing we've seen to a proper TCM recreation. Other than some corny music that tears the viewer's attention away from the action, Trapani shows that he has a firm grasp on copying the horrific style of the original movie while using the original audio cues and filming techniques. Of course this is not high cinematic art. But, it's a great example of where we're headed as fans of horror. We've entered the phase where a director like Trapani could probably render a full length Texas Chainsaw movie with stunning attention to details that were never captured in the theatrical follow ups. As a horror hound myself, this was an exciting little gem of a short that captures the essence of Leatherface's movements, the comedic underpinnings of the characters, and the repeated theme of a brutalized woman trying to escape her would be flesh eating aggressors.If you've ever been a fan of the Chainsaw, grab some chili and check this fan film out. I think this is a worthwhile effort on the part of a two man crew and a girl that can scream like none other. Check it out below and find them on Facebook.  I've been a fan of TCM since I was a teenager and I personally had a blast with this short film. Put your skin mask on and take the ten minutes to watch this one. Share the meat. Don't be selfish.   Score-CG

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