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News: Ascendant Budget Slashed

Posted By themoviesleuth 1061 days ago on Movies - It appears all is not happy in teenage dystopia.After a near catastrophic opening for Allegiant this past weekend, the studio is entering fire sale mode and drastically reducing the budget for the next film, Ascendant. With the latest in this futuristic post pubescent adventure franchise taking in nearly half the opening numbers as the previous entry, things are looking grim as they quickly make plans to readjust figures to reduce more oncoming losses. Allegiant opened with a domestic take of only $29 million which is a sharp reduction from the first weekend take of Insurgent. Luckily for them, the foreign market quickly tallied an additional $54 million which helps their case. But, it's a case of too little too soon.Allegiant is by far the slowest and progressively the worst of the series. With critics totally panning this effort, bloggers tearing apart its slow paced nature, and abysmal graphics work, the staff behind Ascendant has to quickly turn this box office frown upside down by coming up with financial solutions to their problem. The film currently sits at a 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Ascendant also went through a name change and had to rapidly find a new director. Things are not all good in the land of teen aged warriors. Read this and other news only @ The Movie Sleuth. -CGFight the factions! Share this news!

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