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News: Star Wars Digital HD Collection Available April 10th

Posted By themoviesleuth 1508 days ago on Movies - With the upcoming release of The Force Awakens, Disney is hot under the collar to soak a few more dollars out of the two existing trilogies.With almost no notice, Disney just announced that the digital collection will be available starting April 10th. These new editions are said to include new bonus content and will offer a stunning presentation of each film. This will put the films in the hands of viewers for digital consumption at any time and will be available for streaming on most devices. It's said that the new special content will offer new behind the scenes footage that's never been released, conversations with effects crew members, and even more never before seen interviews with artists and Lucasfilm crew members. Yet, one question remains. When will we get that despecialized edition that fans really want? -CG

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