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News: The Tone Of Wonder Woman And Possible Release Dates For Batman And Man Of Steel 2

Posted By themoviesleuth 892 days ago on Movies - Some new information has been revealed about the tone of the upcoming Wonder Woman film, as well as possible release dates for Batman and Man of Steel 2.  First, is news regarding Wonder Woman and the darker tones of the DC movies. Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, recently spoke with Variety about how those dark tones were not a part of company policy: "There's a misconception that DC or [parent studio] Warner Bros. has made a conscious decision for all our movies to be darker or edgier. That's not the case. Fans of the DC universe know that there are characters, like Batman, who are darker, but there are others like Wonder Woman, who are hopeful, optimistic leaders, and the tone of [Wonder Woman] represents that." The producer of Wonder Woman, Deborah Snyder, offered up a similar statement, saying that: "'Wonder Woman' is very different in tone and style than 'Batman v Superman' and 'Suicide Squad.' We pick directors who have their own point of view, so that each of our films will have their own personality." DC comics publisher Jim Lee got on the hype train as well, saying: "[Director] Patty [Jenkins] has really taken a very inclusive approach and tried to weave a lot of these disparate elements into one cohesive whole. fans who have been reading 'Wonder Woman' for decades will be really blown away by how [the film] synthesizes the origins and brings her into the modern era." Jenkins said that one of her inspirations for this lighter approach was the Richard Donner directed Superman: The Movie. She said that: "'Superman' was all about you. It was about you watching and realizing what it would feel like to have great powers and do great things. It was full of love and emotion." That all sounds well and good, but the track record for studio meddling in the DC films so far has resulted in a fairly jumbled mess. We won't find out the end result until the film arrives in theaters on June 2, 2017.  In other DC movie related news, the release dates for Batman and Man of Steel 2 may have been revealed. Exhibitor Relations announced on Twitter that two untitled WB event films are now set to be released on 9/27/19 and 2/7/20. While that doesn't mean that it is exactly these two pictures and not some other DC properties, it is a very strong possibility. Obviously more information should be rolling around shortly.    

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