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NFL Draft Blogging LIVE, Texans potentially trading for Ryan Mallett

Posted By solomonthewise1 1235 days ago on Entertainment - South Carolina Defensive End, Jadaveon ClowneyThe 2014 NFL Draft kicks off in less than an hour from Radio City Music Hall and this year's first round is shrouded in as much mystery as any draft in recent memory.With the Houston Texans currently on the clock the question remains, will the Texans pick Jadaveon Clowney or will they trade out of the first spot and let another team leap frog into the top pick? Well the Texans are close to a trade with the New England Patriots for quarterback Ryan Mallett which has this blogger thinking that they will indeed select first and will pick the physical freak out of South Carolina, Clowney.If the Texans are indeed trading a mid-round pick for Ryan Mallett this more likely than not, rules out the Texans drafting Johnny Manziel or any of the other top QB prospects with the number one selection. It is all guess work at this moment, but if my deductive reasoning serves here, expect Clowney to be putting on a Houston Texans' hat and being the first one to shake Roger Goodell's hand this evening.  Clowney is a once in a generation caliber talent, who like Lebron James, appears more like a mutant grown in a lab somewhere than a boy that grew into the freakishly talented specimen that wears their respective jersey. I have critiqued about thirty different mock drafts that have popped up over the last week and I feel that it only makes sense for Texas to take the best player. Clowney and Watt makes for one of the most feared tandems in the NFL. Just incase you forgot....Jadaveon Clowney's hit vs. Michigan

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